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Cat Proverbs

African * A cat may go to a monastery, but she still remains a cat. * When the mouse laughs at the cat, there is a hole nearby. American * A cat’s a cat and that’s that. * As long … Continue reading

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Strong Women Quotes

“The usual masculine disillusionment is in discovering that a woman has a brain.”  -Margaret Mitchell, Gone with the Wind “I have six locks on my door all in a row. When I go out, I lock every other one. I … Continue reading

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Syrian Proverbs Sayings

If your friend is honey, don’t lick him all The camel limped from its split lip A bad workman blames his tools Chose the neighbour before the house We can live without friends, but not without neighbours My brother and … Continue reading

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Jamaican Proverbs Sayings

“Mi come here fi drink milk, mi noh come here fi count cow”. A reminder to conduct business in a straightforward manner. “The higher the monkey climbs the more him expose”. A truly comic image if you’ve ever been to … Continue reading

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Swahili Proverbs Sayings

1. Ada ya mja hunena mungwana ni kitendoí (adduh ya mj-uh who-nen-uh, moon-gwan-uh knee-key-tendo) translates to: Public opinion maintains, a gentleman is judged by his actions. Or, Handsome is as handsome does (sounds like something Forest Gump would say) 2. … Continue reading

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Uighur Proverbs Sayings

Uyghur Makhaliler Uighur Proverbs Alemni su besip ketse, ödekning khaptiligha yetmeptu. Even if the world is flooded, the duck feels safe. 6 ay atkhan pahta bir qapangha yetmeptu. 6 months of work with cotton is not enough for a coat. … Continue reading

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Mongolian Proverbs Sayings

A good proverb stikes the eye, not the eybrow. The mountain falcon flies high; The wiseman’s son speaks in proverbs. Without council there is no wisdom; Without praise no heroes. Wealth – until the first snowstorm; Hero – until the … Continue reading

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Kashmiri Proverbs Sayings

Ak' tsAT sum tI sa:s gov kli One man cut the bund/barrage, and a thousand people fell into the river. Ak' sund kAsiya:n beyi sund gIza: One person’s vomit is another’s food. Someone lives on the leftovers of others. Ak' … Continue reading

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Malay Sayings Proverbs

Sehari selembar benang lama-lama jadi kain Sedikit-sedikit lama-lama jadi bukit Incremental efforts do make a difference as the benefits accumulate. A little effort in time makes a hill, and a thread woven eventually becomes cloth. Berakit-rakit kehulu Berenang-renang ketepian Bersakit-sakit … Continue reading

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Hungarian Proverbs and Sayings

Több nap mint kolbász. More days than sausage. A nap hoszabb a kolbásznál. The day is longer than sausage. Kolbászban az igazság. In sausage there is truth. A kolbász az kolbász. Sausage is sausage. Filozófia és Vallás- Philosophy and Religion … Continue reading

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