Agent Liberty


* First Appearance: SUPERMAN (second series) #90 (October, 1991)
* Created by: Dan Jurgens
* Appearing In: Occasionally in the Superman titles.

Agent Liberty was a supporting character in the Superman titles and even had a one issue spotlight as AGENT LIBERTY SPECIAL #1 (1992). After that the character appeared briefly for two missions with the JLA and has since disappeared into the background.
Personal Details

* Status: Assumed active
* Alter Ego: Ben Lockwood
* Marital Status: Single
* Known Relatives: ()
* Group Affiliation: Formerly Sons of Liberty; short try out with the Justice League, but never accepted membership (JLA (second series)
* Base of Operations: Formally Washington, currently mobile.
* Height:
* Weight:
* Hair:
* Eyes:

Biography / Profile

Ben Lockwood was the second best field agent in the CIA, so during the Iranian hostage crisis it was decided that he and the number one CIA field agent, Paul Devlin, were to be sent into the Iranian highlands to serve as forward scouts and spies for any rescue attempt. When the rescue was aborted both men were left high and dry. They went under cover and Lockwood managed to escape, but not before Devlin was seemingly killed. Lockwood made his way back to the US where he was inducted by his former CIA boss into the covert organisation called the Sons of Liberty.

Using his CIA training Lockwood became the organisation’s number one field operative taking the codename Agent Liberty. He was equipped with a rocket pack, forearm blades, high power handgun and experimental energy shield. His first mission involved him having to kill Devlin who had become an Iranian agent in anger with the US Government. Agent Liberty worked mainly out of sight from the media, but he did at times aid the metahuman community.

Agent Liberty always held slightly higher morals that those of his sponsoring organisation which caused him to question his actions at times. When the Sons arranged for Senator Peter Ross to kill a Sons of Liberty turncoat Lockwood finally decided to end his association with the Sons and dodging Superman he revealed the framing of Ross and killed the leaders of the Sons.

While on the run Agent Liberty helped in the defence of the planet against Brainiac and later he helped the Justice League with the intention of using membership as protection against the legal authorities. However he disappeared after several cases and has not been seen since. Agent Liberty is a superbly trained agent and it not unlikely that he will be seen again covertly upholding the American Dream.
Abilities and Equipment

The Agent Liberty armour is the combined technologies of several prototype and experimental “black project” agencies. The actual suit itself is flame resistant and proof against a certain amount of punishment, but the main defence feature is a force shield generated by the gauntlets. Offensively there are extendible blades in the forearms and Liberty has often been seen carrying and using a standard firearm.

With the Sons of Liberty the entire package was backed up by a home base and a support helicopter than acted as a look out, communications relay for the suit’s radio and heavy firepower back up if things should go wrong.

* Sons of Liberty

Sons of Liberty

The Sons of Liberty were a covert organisation separate from the US government that was comprised of disillusioned employees and former employees of the US government. They shared the common philosophy that the American Dream had become tarnished via poor government and anti-American elements. It was this reason that the organisation was founded, to restore the greatness of the USA.

The organisation was severely weakened when an attempted assignation of a middle eastern dictator was stopped by Superman. After that the group was reorganised by a former CIA boss (who inducted Ben Lockwood alias Agent Liberty into the group) and federal Judge Kramer. They created the concept of a single agent (Agent Liberty) backed up by a stealth helicopter. Concerned over the upcoming trial of the agent responsible for the failed assignation Kramer arranged for Senator Pete Ross to kill the agent (blackmailing him by using his girlfriend Lana Lang as a hostage).

Ross smuggled a gun into the court hearing but could not bring himself to use it. An undercover Agent Liberty grabbed the gun and killed the traitor. After that the plot began to unravel as Superman began to get closer and closer to the truth. In the end it was Agent Liberty who refused to silence Ross and instead killed Judge Kramer and mailed evidence on the Sons of Liberty to the reporter Clark Kent seemingly ending the existence of the Sons of Liberty.

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