Dorothy Garlock

Dorothy Garlock, the former Texas native, writing from her home in Clear Lake, Iowa, touches more lives than she can imagine. She has published over 40 novels, which have been translated into 18 different languages and sold in 35 countries around the world. Currently she has over 20 million books in print.

Dorothy has been written about in almost every major newspaper, interviewed on radio and television shows (she has even baked biscuits the old-fashioned way on national network shows), and she has been feted numerous times in New York by her publisher, Warner Books. She is listed in the WHO’S WHO of Women’s Fiction Writers and she is in the Romance Writers Hall of Fame.

It was while working as a newspaper reporter/columnist that Dorothy, at age forty-nine, wrote her first book. She decided to give up the security of her retirement fund and begin a career as a full-time writer. All her life she has been interested in the pioneer men and women who braved the hardships of the wild frontier to make a new beginning. Her writing is still inspired by the world of wagon trains rolling across tall-grassed prairies and dust-covered trails…toward adventure in the Old West.

Dorothy, always an avid reader, is a firm believer that as you get older, the body may go downhill, but not the mind if you exercise it. She has no doubts about older women starting a second, third, or even fourth career. At first meeting, this warm, folksy woman—the mother of two and grandmother of two—looks as though she would be more at home seated upon a conestoga wagon behind a team of mules than in the study where she writes her bestselling novels.

Dorothy doesn’t have a prairie schooner, but she does have the same pertinacious spirit that belonged to the pioneers. Her indomitable spirit is an inspiration to all. It’s no wonder that, to her friends and readers, Dorothy Garlock is known as the “grand mistress of the frontier novel”.

“I’m not looking to write the great American novel, win a Pulitzer or teach history.  I write to entertain my readers.”  —Dorothy Garlock


Outstanding Western Writer – Romantic Times Magazine, 1986

Silver Pen Award – Affaire de Coeur, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989
(One of ten most popular writers of women’s fiction.)

Silver Certificate Award – ANNIE LASH – 1985

Silver Certificate Award – RESTLESS WIND – 1986

Silver Certificate Award – LONESOME RIVER – 1987

Reviewer Choice Award: Best Western Trilogy – 1988

Hall of Fame Author – 1988

Favorite Historical Author – 1989

Reviewer Choice Award: Best Western Saga – 1990

Romantic Times Award: Best Americana Novel – 1991

“Book Stores That Care” Award – RIBBON IN THE SKY – 1992

Nominated for the Best Americana Novel – 1992, 1993, 1994

Romantic Times Lifetime Achievement Award – 1997

Dorothy Garlock’s books are consistently on the bestseller lists of Ingrams, B.Dalton, Waldenbooks, Barnes and Noble, USA Today, Borders, Washington Post, etc.


“Dorothy Garlock is the undisputed grand mistress of the frontier novel. With simple elegance she paints wonderful portraits of the pioneer spirit, the breathtaking landscapes, and the harsh realities of life. She gets to the real heart and soul of her characters and leaves you with a wonderful warm feeling.” —Kathe Robin, Romantic Times

“Dorothy Garlock is, unquestionably, a national treasure with her unflinchingly honest portrayal of our history and the people who lived it.” —Ann’s World, South Bay Cablevision

“You’ll find yourself actually there, right in the picture. You can feel the heat of the campfire, you can hear the wagon creaking and the slice and snap of the bullwhip…” —Beverly Hills California Courier

“A gifted storyteller.” —Chicago Sun-Times

“Like a colorful quilt of old, she crafts a tale of our pioneering ancestors every bit as durable as a fine family heirloom.” —Affaire de Coeur

“Dorothy Garlock is a stickler for facts in her stories.” —Bob McKelvey, Detroit Free Press

“A Dorothy Garlock book is an automatic bestseller in my store.” —Glenn Hostetter, The Book Store (Jacksonville, Florida)

“The lady is an able writer who spins a tale that keeps a reader turning the pages.” —Quad City Times

“Dorothy Garlock has a talent for transforming history into bestselling fiction.” —Magazine and Booksellers

“For those who like their romances dark, emotionally complex and brimful of grit, Dorothy Garlock holds the reins masterfully.” —Publisher’s Weekly

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