Honey Bane (Donna Tracy)

London born Honey Bane or Donna Tracy as she was officially known never knew who her father was? but her mother was an ex-model and passed on her photogenic good looks. After moving around the capital in perpetual transit, their instability and nomadic lifestyle seemed to take its toll on the young Honey. By her early teens she was prone to outbreaks of violence and under age boozing gaining her a problem child personality and finally she run away from home life. Her mother couldn’t cope no more with her out of control behaviour and Honey’s growing involvement in the punk scene and Honey got placed in Youth treatment care in the summer of 78.
By now 14 year old Honey had also formed the first Fatal Microbes
nucleus which also featured two siblings of Vi Subversa (Poison Girls) in
their ranks. They recorded the impressive and rather sinister ‘Violence
Grows’ in October 1978 which first came out as split 12″ on XNTRIX
Records alongside the debut tracks of the Poison Girls. ‘Violence
Grows’ was later released in its own right with ‘Beatiful Pictures’ and ‘Cry
Baby’ as a 3 track EP on Small Wonder Records. The outstanding
‘Violence Grows’ track got single of the week in Sounds. However things
weren’t destined to be a smooth ride for the young Fatal Microbes.
Honeys tempermental problems arose once more and she wasn’t getting
on with her fellow Microbes enough to sustain their tempestuous
relationship any further so they parted company. Pete and Gemma (Vi
Subversa’s kids) went on to form the nucleus for psychedelic Anarcho
longevity merchants Rubella Ballet.
Meanwhile Honey’s life went from bad to worse. Life in juvenile care in
Essex was a drag and along with restrictive rules that were severely
constricting her punk lifestyle she went on the run once more from the kids home she was currently residing in. She was on Juvenile Care’s most wanted list and spent the next 12 months living on peoples settees till she was 16 and legally outside the systems grips. One good thing did come out of this period and that was she met up and formed an unholy alliance with those loveable law abiding rogues Crass who give her place to stay, along with a shortlived backing band and recording time to boot. Honey had just the song to entertain the troops with, called autobiographically ‘Girl On The Run’ which featured on the rather good ‘You Can Be You’ EP that was the first non Crass band to came out on Crass records under the pseudonym Donna And The Kebabs in late 1979 while she was still 15.
Honey was by now getting quite a large press portfolio with her fugitive status, Crass connections and John Peel airplay. It was however only a breathing space before she got together a new Fatal Microbes line-up who made their world debut on Christmas Day 1979 at Studio 21 in London. This line-up spent the next 12 months gigging up and down the country playing Kharzis as one journo put it. Honey now 16 hit the floor running and was networking fast and picking up valuable media interest along the way. It was around this time she met up with Jimmy Pursey (Sham 69) one night down the Marquee. Honey gave him a tape of her band. Sir Jim who was also at this time talent scouting for EMI/Zonophone at was pretty knocked out by Honey’s talent and got the national conglomerates subdivision Zonophone interested. So as Honey was once enticed by the gritty living of Crasstafari with no money but free lovin’, she was now seduced by the bright lights and big cheques of EMI who wanted a piece of this new young sex symbol.
Honey signed to EMI/Zonophone Records in early 1981 for a 5 year contract. This whirlwind rise to fame which got her a couple of appearances on Top Of The Pops for ‘Turn Me On Tur Me Off’ also came with its pitfalls. She was blighted by the usual rock ‘n’ roll extravagances like dating Micky Geggus outta the Cockney Rejects who were also hitting the big time. But she was also linked with heroin, more dodgy boyfriends and an even dodgier corporate management. Her flirtations with the pop charts were as shortlived as her rock ‘n’ roll romances. By the time of her second release ‘Baby Love’ which only got to number 54 in the charts the alarm bells were ringing. She had let her regular band go and hired in a constant procession of session musicans “on the orders of EMI” she later pleaded. Having reached the dizzy heights of chart action and with plenty of press and the occasional front page in the music weeklies it was all a very fragile existance with no real band behind her to bounce off her ideas and her shelf life was destined to decrease with every release. Even Jimmy Pursey producing couldn’t save her from a faster decline than Aby Titmus’s panties. And the final nail was driven home when EMI give her a Sheena Easton perm in a desperate bid to market her to a more pop orientated audience. However chart positions of 101 don’t feed the greedy jaws of a record giant and by 1983 she was catapulted back into obscurity with her punk credibility in tatters and her pop career down the drain. Although Honey did make
her film debut as the character Molly in a supporting role in British flick ‘Scrubbers’ (1983) which was set in
a Womens Prison. My mate Dave Decadence reckons its not bad either.
It took over a decade before we next heard of Honey in the mid 90’s. She had returned with a new metallic
direction as she unveiled Dogs Tooth Violet to a distinctly unimpressed public. No label, little contacts and
not a lot else her songs had lost their edge and she was never to reach the jagged heights of ‘Violence
Grows’. Honey has now relocated to sunny Florida in the US and has a family of her own, but is still writing
music and looks set to front her own band

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  1. Honey Bane says:

    WTF! Where do you get all the BS from? You really didn’t do any research at all did you?
    Was it drive by wiki time or what!!
    If you don’t have fact’s don’t make it up!!!
    Find the source or don’t blog about it!!!!

    HONEY BANE. http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1848363527

    The One Who Has The Facts and Not The Delusions

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