Isabelle Huppert


Born: Paris, France, 16 March 1955.

Fragile, freckle-faced leading lady of French and international films. On screen from age 16, she developed in the late 70s into one of Europe’s foremost film personalities, a versatile interpreter of a wide range of roles, from delicate, innocent demoiselles to hardened mystery women. After gaining international fame in Claude Goretta’s The Lacemaker (1977), she solidified her position with a best actress prize (in a tie) at Cannes for Claude Chabrol’s Violette Nozière (1978) and went on to play the principal female role in Michael Cimino’s notorious Heaven’s Gate (1979). In the 80s she displayed a growing maturity and assurance in her roles, memorably in Coup de Foudre / Entre Nous (1983) and Une Affaire de Femmes / Story of Women (1988). She shared the best actress prize at Venice for the latter. Her busy schedule also includes many stage and TV appearances.

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