Jeff Corwin

The left handed Jeffrey S. Corwin was born in Norwell, Massachusetts 34 years ago. On July 11, 1967 the Corwins welcomed a cute little boy.

Could they have ever imagined how crazy about animals little Jeff would become? Well, Jeff is not “crazy” about animals. He is, for sure, fascinated by them. And the Corwins soon noticed it.

A really young Jeff was fishing with his father when he saw a little turtle. Of course he tried to catch it, with no lucky though.

When he was 4 Jeff got bitten by a non venomous garden snake while he was playing on his backyard. When asked to stay away from the kind he said “NO”. He had just loved his first encounter with one of the animals that would soon become his favorite.

The passion and fascination had just started.

Young Jeff filled his bedroom with lots of aquariums containing all sorts of creepy crawly creatures as snakes and spiders. But he wasn’t just collecting them. He was learning about and with them.

At age of 16, just a teenager, Jeff was invited by a group of scientists to go with them on his first international adventure. He went to the rainforest of Belize, Central America.

The teenager fell in love as soon as he stepped into the rainforest. He loved even the heat and the rain. Jeff was now engaged to study and help the conservation of the Tropical Rainforests.

He went to Bridgewater State University where he got his degrees in Biology and Anthropology.

While he was pursuing his undergraduate degrees, Jeff Corwin worked to protect the Rainforests of Central and South America. The Emerald Canopy Rainforest Foundation was established. He also served as a member of the Youth Action Committee for the United Nations Environment Program.

Mr. Corwin was also certified as an Advanced Field Medical Specialist by the US Army Academy of Health and Science, Texas.

In 1994, after living for 3 years on the rainforests, Jeff joined the Jason Project, which is a program that brings wildlife adventures into classroom. In this project Jeff wanted to encourage people to, at least, look at his favorite animals, reptiles and amphibians, in a different way. He was teaching live from the rainforest of Belize and the kids were watching him from their classrooms trough the PINS (Primary Interactive Network Sites).

After that, Jeff helped to host and produce a documentary to be used in classroom called Jaguar Trax. He is also the author of a 32 page book called Jeff Corwin’s Mystery of the Rainforest Chocolate Tree.

In his house Jeff keeps some interesting pets: snakes, a macaw, cats… and some people would say he owns a fox. But the truth is, Jeff doesn’t have much time to be at home with his pets or even with his wife Tasha.

In 1997 Disney Channel aired the very first episode of “Going Wild With Jeff Corwin”. With a great sense of humor and all his knowledge and wit Jeff traveled around the world showing and teaching everybody about some amazing animals. Some scary. Some cute. But all of them became deeply interesting for those who watched “Going Wild”.

Jeff Corwin Quotes

I broke the language.” – (talking to giant otters in Brazil)

“He will get no sugar tonight.” – (his face saying this is the cutest!!! Brazil)

“It’s funny. There’s many beautiful angles to a cow. But the angles I’m getting ain’t so beautiful.” (Brazil)

“I’m gonna tell you a sssecret. I have a connection with ssspiderss. It ssstarted when I wasss a child.”  (holding a tarantula – Brazil)

“It went down easy, but I hope it comes out easy the other end.” (when a toucan swallowed a big seed. – Brazil)

“I’m going mad, I’ll tell you.” (being bitten by mosquitoes in Brazil)

“Obrigado. Thank you Brazil(…) This place provided us with some of the best encounters I’ve ever had.” (well… Brazil!!)

“… it’s kind of nice! Stop that! I’m a married man.” (a baby bear was licking Jeff’s neck. He liked it!!!!” – Thailand)

“Does it make my butt look too big?” (after taking a ‘shower’ in the front yard of a house and wrapping a sarong around his waist. – Thailand)

“Tough things come in little packages.” (after being bit by a tiny ant. For the face he made it must have hurt a lot. – Thailand)

“I’m out of here.”

“It doesn’t get any better than that.” (after being peed on the head by a monkey)

“I said I’d give you peanuts! Stop that! What is it that you need? You’re needy. You have issues.” (talking to a young elephant that was interested on his… package! Very interested, by the way. – Thailand)

“This colorflauge… Colorflauge? Is that a word? See, when I’m conversating with you, and I like to imaginating myself…” (what a vocabulary!!!! – need to check where this one is from, don’t remember!!)

“What happens on the road, stays on the road.” (Borneo)

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