John Lennon Bio

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“In My Life” (John Lennon – “Rubber Soul” – 1965)

John Winston Lennon was born in Liverpool in October 1940, the 9th.. Son of Fred and Julia Lennon, he is raised by his aunt Mimi, because his father left the furnace from his young childhood and his mother was not able to insure his education. Dunce pupil and brawler, he makes his studies in the Quarry Bank High School, then to the Fine Arts, making proof a certain bruise for drawing and literature.

“Twist And Shout” (“Please Please Me” – 1963)

Teenager, his mother learns him to play banjo, then he puts to the guitar and bases his first group, The Quarrymen. In 57, he meets Paul McCartney in a bazaar, and the fact return in the group, impressed by his talent of guitarist. The year after, Paul introduces George Harrison, and John, Stuart Sutcliffe, his best friend, student to the Fine Arts too. In 60, the drummer Pete Best joins them and the group called again The Beatles by John popularizes in playing the Cavern Club to Liverpool, as well as in the clubs in Hamburg.

“You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away” (John Lennon – “Help !” – 1965)

In 62, they sign a contract with Parlophone, affiliate of EMI with the producer George Martin. Pete Best is supplanted to the profit of Ringo Starr. John reach his objective : become famous. He marries Cynthia Powell in 1963 and a son, Julian, is born the same year of this union, while the Beatles reach summits of popularity. In 65, Beatles are to their peak, and John begins to deliver messages in his songs. He expresses a certain uneasiness.

“A Day In The Life” (John Lennon / Paul McCartney- “Sgt Pepper” – 1967)

In 66, while the group operates an important mutation in its musical style with the climbing of psychedelism, John makes the encounter of Yoko Ono, a japanese artist. It will tie a connection with her that will end in marriage in March 69, after the divorce with Cynthia in 68. On the musical plan, John and Yoko realizes several experimental albums outside of Beatles, which pass to the second plan in the spirit of John.

“Jealous Guy” (John Lennon – “Imagine” – 1971)

In 69, John bases the Plastic Ono Band, composed of Yoko, Eric Clapton, Klaus Voorman and himself, and starts a career in parallel with Beatles in full disintegration. In 70, Paul announces officially the end of Beatles, provoking thunderbolts of others members, especially John who will dedicate its accuser song “How Do You Sleep”. During 70’s, Lennon continues his solo career, struggle for the peace in company of Yoko, accused to be the principal reason of of the separation of The Beatles. After many problems, on public and private plan, their first common child, Sean, is born 9 October 1975. John be pulls then the circulation to raise it.

“Imagine” (John Lennon – “Imagine” – 1971)

In 80, he come back to exit his first album since 5 years, “Double Fantasy”, the album of the revival for him. But, 8 December , he is assassinated ahead the entry of the Dakota Hotel where he resided in New York, breaking the dream of all a generation.

The dream is over…

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