Linda Ladd

Since she was a little girl, Linda Ladd has always been a romantic—loving nothing better than to lose herself completely in the far-away times and places of great novelists such as Jane Austen, Margaret Mitchell, and the Bronte sisters. Little did she dream that someday she would be transporting legions of her own fans into exciting love stories where darkly handsome heroes swept away with beautiful, high-spirited heroines.

Her novels have been enjoyed by millions since her first historical romance, WILDSTAR, hit the shelves in 1984. Within a year she had signed multiple-book contracts with two different publishers and resigned from her teaching position in order to write full time. Since then she has penned 14 bestselling historical novels, which have been acclaimed by readers and booksellers alike.

An award-winning author with a loyal following all over the world, her primary love remains with her family. Linda recently celebrated her Silver Wedding Anniversary with husband Bill, and the magic between them still lingers as he remains the inspiration for all her heroes. She enjoys a lakefront home in southern Missouri, and her daughter Laurel and son Bill have gone away to college. When not hard at work on her latest novel, her two dogs (Pete and Sampras) and two cats (Tigger and Tounces) keep her company, as well as Romeo and Juliet, a pair of snow-white swans who glide gracefully past her gazebo overlooking Misty Lake.


Trinity Kingston believes in the American Revolution despite its terrible price. Now with her father imprisoned and their magnificent plantation seized by the British, Trinity wants nothing to do with Lord William Remington, the arrogant English aristocrat who is her betrothed. William and Trinity were children when their fathers joined their fortunes by promising them in wedlock. Now with the redcoats occupying Charleston, William comes to claim his family’s holdings—and Trinity. Against a world torn by war, they are swept up in a dangerous passion that will challenge their honor, and force them to choose between loyalty and…a love so splendid.


********* “This fast-moving, exciting story has a wealth of wonderful characters interwoven as skillfully as a spider’s web. The title is appropriate since A LOVE SO SPLENDID is truly a splendid tale. —RENDEZVOUS

********* “. . .a spirited love story. . .non-stop entertainment all the way. . .Four Stars. . .Excellent —ROMANTIC TIMES MAGAZINE

********* “Ms. Ladd justly deserves her place on the list of the romantic genre’s favorite authors.” —AFFAIRE DE COEUR

********* “Lush historical details combine with an unforgettable story of love despite all odds to make A LOVE SO SPLENDID a keeper! Ms. Ladd has written a winner here with great plot, wonderful dialogue and brilliant imagery. . .very well-written and quite enjoyable.” —ROMANCE COMMUNICATIONS

********* “Full of wit and charm. . .Linda Ladd’s books just get better and better!” —LORI COPELAND

********* “A real flair for romance and evoking rare emotions. . .Enjoy!” —LINDA LAEL MILLER

********* “A beautiful love story, beautifully told. . .Linda Ladd consistently delivers a wonderful story with characters you care about.” —PATRICIA GAFFNEY

A Love So Fine
The sequel is also available!
Topaz — January 1999

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FOREVER MY LOVE  (Topaz ~ April 1997)
In New York during the American Revolution, a beautiful indentured servant has no choice but to become a spy for a wealthy shipper. If his secret is discovered he could die, and if she is found as a traitor she could hang. Only one common love can save them both.
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********* “. . .rich in colonial history, filled with strong characters (Belinda’s sister is adorable and will steal your heart), fast-paced and engaging.” —ROMANTIC TIMES MAGAZINE

LILACS ON LACE  (Topaz ~ June 1996)
Set amid the rugged beauty of the wild Scottish highlands, LILACS ON LACE is a story of forbidden love that blossoms between enemies in a savage war, and of an ancient secret that is the key to unlocking love’s healing power.
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Praise for LILACS ON LACE:

********* “Delightful, exciting, charming. Ms. Ladd has written an adventurous tale of an innocent pawn caught between warring clans and she ends with a surprise that will cheer the reader. . .FOUR STARS. . .EXCELLENT.” —ROMANTIC TIMES MAGAZINE

WHITE ORCHID  (Topaz ~ May 1995)
Anjelica Blake must decide if she will remain loyal to the kind-hearted gentleman she hasn’t seen since childhood, or continue the delicious, scandalous alliance with the mysterious American who has recklessly risked his life for her and who promises her nothing but the heated passion of his love.
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WHITE ROSE  (Topaz ~ June 1994)
Cassandra Delaney is the notorious “White Rose,” risking her life and honor for the Confederacy. Australian blockade runner, Derek Courtland’s job is to abduct this mysterious, sensual woman—only she’s fighting him to escape his ship and the powerful feelings pulling them both toward the unknown.
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WHITE LILY  (Topaz ~ August 1993)
Ravishing Lily Courtland has the extraordinary gift of second sight. Harte Delaney has never met a woman as magically mysterious as this beauty for whom he risks all to rescue and possess. Amid the flames of war and the heat of passion, these two people find themselves lost in a heart-stopping adventure with their own destiny and the fate of a nation hanging in a breathless balance.

DRAGON FIRE  (Avon ~ January 1992)
Disciple of a secret Asian order—a stunning, sapphire-eyed enchantress trained in the ancient martial arts—Windsor Richmond travels across the American frontier, sworn to chastity. . .and revenge. On a westbound train, rugged Stone Kincaid is drawn to the exquisite and mysterious Windsor by an all-consuming passion he is helpless to deny—never dreaming the sensuous stranger wrongly believes him to be her enemy. . .and longs for his destruction. In a bold, untamed land, fate would cast them together and shared vows of retribution would impel them toward danger. . .and a soul-searing love.

MIDNIGHT FIRE  (Avon ~ January 1991)
Her sheltered youth bred a proud and reckless spirit—one that would carry her into the heart of a violent foreign land. A bold adventurer, he swore to protect the unpredictable, convent-raised beauty—driven by an irrepressible passion that would lead to a treacherous betrayal. In the blistering heat of revolution, they were divided by fiercely opposing loyalties—yet bound by an undeniable longing that would explode in rapturous fire amid the devastating wrath of war.

CHRISTMAS ROMANCE Anthology  (Avon ~ December 1990)
A Christmas wish by three matchmaking children brings together two lovers separated by the Civil War.

FROST FIRE  (Avon ~ March 1990)
Theirs was a passion driven by vengeance, a hatred spawned in the aftermath of war. He had taken all she held dear and she had sworn to use any ploy to steal it back. Yet never did she dream that the lure of her beautiful innocence would unleash reckless desires between sworn enemies. She had come to destroy him, but found herself helpless in his powerful embrace.

DREAMSONG  (Avon ~ July 1988)
Bethany Cole had run for her life, taking her young charge Peeto with her. When Luke Randall arrived home to find them gone, he took off after his young son and the “kidnapper” with fury in his heart. But the feisty, fearless frontier girl was hardly the quarry the rugged trapper expected. Neither the lawless land nor the raging Mississippi deterred her as twice she tried to flee, and what started as a war of wills soon dissolved into a sweet song of passion as unstoppable as the river itself.

SILVERSWEPT  (Avon ~ May 1987)
Donovan MacBride’s black eyes, which once burned with a hunger that turned Alysson Tyler’s innocence into wanton desire, now bear only a chilling message of hate. With war about to explode between England and America, Donovan has been tricked into marrying her but demands the marriage be annulled as soon as they reach the States. But when Alysson is swept into intrigue and danger in the new land, Donovan knows he can never let her go.

FIREGLOW  (Avon ~ October 1986)
It was for Caitlin’s own safety that the queen commanded Trey Cameron to capture the renegade beauty who was plundering Spanish ships in the Caribbean. He was then charged with turning the spirited pirate into a lady. . .and seeing her properly married. Cursing the wretched gowns and ladylike tasks dictated by her mocking guardian, Caitlin vowed she’d sail the seas again. . .and not with a husband!

MOONSPELL  (Avon ~ September 1985)
By the stroke of King William’s pen, Jillian Devlin and all her lands became the property of an English lord. Powerless to prevent the marriage decreed by the king, Jillian swore that Lord Justin Spenser would never touch her. Hiding her pale Irish beauty behind a hideous mask, Jillian played a clever game of deception to make herself undesirable. But Justin had already become obsessed with an enchanting young woman he had encountered in a secluded pool where he had stopped to bathe. . .a vision of loveliness that set his heart on fire. . .then vanished as quickly as she had appeared.

WILDSTAR  (Avon ~ May 1984)
She fought fiercely and screamed in terror as the tall blond stranger stepped from the shadows, swept her into his arms, and carried her into the night. She was Starfire, a silvery-haired beauty raised by the Cheyenne. She had no memory of her childhood as Elizabeth Pennington Richmond, and could not have known that the white man had been sent to rescue her. It was dawn before Logan Cord looked into the sleeping face of his captive, and her loveliness took his breath away. It was the beginning of Elizabeth’s journey home. . .a journey of danger and intrigue, and the awakening of love.

Written as Jillian Roth

Chase Kincaid haunted Julie King’s thoughts long after he’d broken her heart. Now he was back—the golden boy of baseball and star pitcher of her father’s major league team—reawakening dreams and desires, making her fear she’d be hurt again. . .

BROKEN PROMISES  (Rapture ~ 1984)
Alison Mitchell was a genius with computers. . .but a failure with men. Badly scarred from a disastrous marriage, she buried herself in work, until Curt Ross swept into her life. But even as the bond between them seemed to grow stronger, Ali wondered if she dare trust any man again—even Curt. . .

ON WINGS OF DESIRE  (Rapture ~ 1984)

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