Nathaniel Hawthorne Biography

Nathaniel Hawthorne was born in Salem, Massachusetts in 1804. Hawthorne went to Bedowin College in Maine. Captain Hawthorne, Nathaniel’s father died when he was four, so he was raised by his mother alone. Hawthorne was very shy, but during college, he made some friends such as the President, Franklin Pierce.

His most famous work is The Scarlet Letter. This novel is about a lade who commits adultery. She is sentenced to wear a scarlet letter “A” for the rest of her life. In this novel, some of the themses are sin, alienation, and redemption. Amother theme of this novel is coping with adversity and rising above it. These themes are what make it a classic.

Hawthorne wrote many other peices of work besides The Scarlet Letter. The House of Seven Gables was one of his most famous pieces of work. Hawthorne’s first novel was Fanshaw. He published the book, but he was dissatisfied with it, so he tried to retrieve all the copies and burn them. Another famous piece is Twice-Told Tales which is a collection of short stories.Nathaniel_Hawthorne

Hawthorne was having financial problems, so he went to work for the government. He was the surveyor for the district of Salem and Inspector of the Revenue for the Port of Salem. Working there inspired the “Custom House” part of The Scarlet Letter. He also used the stories from his Puritan past in the novel.

Hawthorne’s life is reflected in his writing. Hawthorne led a very rocky life. All of his experiences led him to write his different pieces. He wrote The Scarlet Letter after working for the Port of Salem. In his novels, he writes about sin, alienation, and redemption. These are particularly shown in The Scarlet Letter.

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