Paul McCartney Bio

“Till There Was You” ( “With The Beatles” – 1963)

Born in June 1942, the 18th, Paul McCartney lives with his mother Mary, his father Jim, and his brother Mike in the labor quarter of Liverpool. Studious pupil, he goes into the Liverpool Institute. While he is only 14, his mother dies of a cancer. Under the shock, he flees in music in buying a guitar whose it learns to use alone. Its father, amateur musician, gives him the taste for the sound of the 20’s.

“I Saw Her Standing There” (“Please Please Me” – 1963)

He improves quickly his style in playing some reruns of the rock pioneers, as Chuck Berry or Buddy Holly. In 1957, during a bazaar, he meets John Lennon, the leader of a local group, and demonstrates him his talents of guitarist. Immediately integrated to the group, he enthrones after his friend George Harrison, in the role of solo guitarist. With Pete Best – drummer – and Stuart Sutcliffe – bassist -, the group recalled The Beatles, plays in Liverpool, and in Hamburg, and acquires an experience, as well as a growing popularity.

“And I Love Her” (Paul McCartney – “A Hard Day’s Night” – 1964)

In 62, they get a contract with Parlophone, affiliate of EMI with the producer George Martin. Pete Best is replaced by Ringo Starr, drummer of the Hurricanes, and Stuart stayed in Hamburg, dies in April, the 10th of a cerebral hemoragy. The group becomes very famous, and the Beatlemania invades soon the whole world. Paul the charmer with his tender melodies is the most popular of the group, and knows how to pull some profit. He becomes engaged to Jane Asher, a comedienne.

“For No One” (Paul McCartney – “Revolver” – 1966)

In 1965, Paul supports badly the removal with Jane who, to cause her trade, is often in rounds, she also. He will write her “I’m Looking Through You”, expressing his uneasiness as compared to this situation. In 1967, he makes the encounter of Linda Eastman, a photographer, that he will marry in 1969 after having broken with Jane Asher.

“Let It Be” (Paul McCartney- “Let It Be” – 1970)

While John begins to be desinterressed of the group, Paul takes the head and develops several ambitious projects such “Sgt Pepper”, a concept album, “Magical Mystery Tour”, a musical movie, or “Let It Be”, filming the recording of the album, whose result will go decreasing. Despite the popularity and the indisputable success of the group, Paul can’t struggle against the will of independence of John and George. Also, after 14 albums and near a Billion discs sold through the world, Paul will announce himself the end of group in April 1970, the 10th provoking thunderbolts of the other members.

“Band On The Run” (Paul McCartney – “Band On The Run” – 1973)

After Beatles, Paul just starts his solo career. He is the most prolific of the ex – members of the group, and forms a group called The Wings in the middle of the 70’s. He signs several superb albums, notably “Band One The Run”, the best he has ever realized. Nevertheless, his compositions are unequal, and despite a certain success, they never will equal those that he had composed with The Beatles. The death of Lennon puts a term to his old dreams of reformation of the group. Then comes the time of duets, with Stevie Wonder, MickaĆ«l Jackson, Elvis Costello, as well as a last reformation with his old accomplices for the recording of “Free As A Bird” and “Real Love” appearing in Anthologies.

“Maybe I’m Amazed” (Paul McCartney – “McCartney” – 1970)

At 56, Paul remains always the eternal Beatle, tender and melodic. His last album, “Flaming Pie”, has shown to all his detractors that he has not lost anything of his pop musician talent.

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