Pierre Moerlen Biography

Pierre Moerlen’s Biography

Born October 23rd 1952 in Colmar, Alsace, France.

1963-1967 : piano studies with Maurice Moerlen (Pierre’s father).

1967-1971 : full time classical percussion studies with Jean Batigne.

1971-1973 : plays in various bands and works as drummer for french musical theatre production such as
” Le Marathon ” written by Claude Confortès.

1973 : january 73 to infinity….joins Gong at the time based in France south of Paris near Sens.

1975 : guest of ” Les Percussions de Strasbourg ” touring the UK, Greece, Israel and France.

1978 : records with Mike Oldfield (albums : Incantations and Downwind see discography page for more infos).

1978-1980 : goes on tours with Gong and Mike Oldfield on drums, vibes & timps.

1981 : tours South America with ” Les Percussions de Strasbourg “.

1982-1983 : world tour with Mike Oldfield.

1983-1986 : plays and records with swedish symphonic rock band ” Tribute “.

1986-1988 : re-forms PM’s Gong with Hansford Rowe on bass, Benoit Moerlen on vibes & percussion plus many guests.

1989-1990 : joins ” Alsace-Percussion ” , a pool of percussionists&drummers.

1991-1997 : plays drums in Broadway Shows (Evita, J.C.Superstar,Les Misérables,West Side Story)on the road in Europe and in the United States of America.

1997-1998 : joins group ” Brand X ” with Percy Jones on bass, John Goodsall on guitar and captain Dynamite on keys for japanese tour followed by Europe. See live pictures in the gallery.

1998 : also plays with Classic-Gong in the USA , England, Italy & Germay.

1999-2000 : currently teaching and composing.

2002: records “Penatnine” (St-Petersburg , Russia).

2005: Pierre left us on May the 3rd.

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