Splodgenessabounds Bio


Original line-ups took shape in 1979…
Splodge – Vocals
Baby Greensleeves – Vocals
Pat Thetic – Guitar
Miles Runt Flat – Guitar
Winston “Donkey Gut” Forbes – Bass
Whiffy Archer – Paper & Comb
Desert Island Joe Lurch Slythe
And someone’s dog.

by Max Splodge and Pat Thetic. Baby
Greensleeves was Max’s girlfriend,
backing vocalist, prop supervisor and
go go dancer to early
energy comedy punk band” from London
spearheaded the early 80’s UK ‘Punk
Pathetique’ movement. Baby
appeared on all their early Deram hits
including the classic ‘Two pints of Lager’ hidden away on the b-side of the ‘Simon Temple’ EP in 1980. She was also responsible for giving Max blow jobs on stage, chucking pints everywhere and recording ‘Michael Booths Talking bum’ routine during their wilder earlier performances and pissed up shindigs. South London’s SPLODGENESSABOUNDS are still gigging to this day, all be it as SPLODGE’S version of the band. Whatever happened to Babygreensleeves is anyones guess? I spose we better ask Splodge? Numerous line-ups and jokes that wore thin never captured the bands early success. You can can hear the Baby Greensleeves line-up on the current rerelease on Captain Oi Records. And for more info and Discography go here to the bands official site http://www.splodgenessabounds.com/

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