Funny Thanksgiving Quotes

Funny Phrases, Quotes and Sayings for the thanksgiving Holiday

Count your blessings.
Feast with the Pilgrims.
Gather together….with thankful hearts.
Give Thanks !!

Give thanks with a grateful heart.
Giving thanks for the simple things in life.
Gobble ’till you wobble !!


Have a good fall…Ya’ll !!


May the bounty of the season

fill your heart and your home.


Save a Turkey !!

Send out for Pizza !!


Share your Blessings ~~~


“Send out for Pizza !!”

(seen on a painted sign with a scared turkey holding this sign quoted above)

Thanksgiving is not a time of the year….

but an attitude of the heart.

Turkey Time !!

some Thanksgiving Poems

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  1. Biblioteca says:

    my mother used to put me in the refrigerator so I wouldnt get spoiled

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