About Last Night Quotes

Danny (Rob Lowe): Oh, you’re not leavin’ are ya?

Joan (Elizabeth Perkins): No, uh we’re walking in backwards.

Bernie (Jim Belushi): The broad from last night, huh?

Danny: Oh, yeah I pick up the phone to make a call and she’s on the line.

Bernie: Yeah right, pull this leg and it plays jingle bells.

Bernie: What do you do?

Joan: Me?

Bernie: Well, yeah for a living?

Joan: I’m a neurosurgeon, you?

Bernie: Um, I’m a professional boxer. Do you know much about the fight game?

Joan: No.

Bernie: I’m the heavyweight champion of the world.

Joan: Well, it’s nice to meet you champ.

Bernie: Interesting broad where’d she develop her personality? A car crash?

Debbie (Demi Moore): Are you gonna sit down?

Bernie: Shoot, no…no, no, no, no, I’m gonna let you guys do what you guys gotta do.Don’t worry about me, I’m just gonna go home make a little macaroni and cheese, seal the windows, and turn on the gas.

Joan: Look, if he forgets to call one day, no big deal; two days, it’s an oversight. Honey,he hasn’t called you in three days; he’s sleeping with somebody else.

Steve: I thought we had something kind of special.

Debbie: No, it was kind of sleazy and now its, its kinda over.

Danny: Now if you could find it in your heart to take this thing and shove it up your ass.

Joan: Ah, that is very telling. On your instruction, I am supposed to rend and torture myself anally.

Danny: I never fooled around, not once.

Debbie (Demi Moore): Well, let’s just give the boy a medal. Forgive me. I didn’t realize it was such a sacrifice!

Joan (Elizabeth Perkins): And you are a psychopathic, schizophrenic, maladjusted social misfit who is clearly in the middle of a very deep homosexual panic.

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