Bad Boys Quotes

Bad Boys Movie Quotes

Mike Lowery (Will Smith): King Dingaling.

Marcus Burnett (Martin Lawrence): You mean, y’all paid, what, $80,000 for this car and you ain’t got no damn cup holder?!
Mike: It’s $105,000 and this happens to be one of the fastest production cars on the planet. Zero to sixty in four seconds, sweetie. Limited edition.
Marcus: You damn right it’s limited! No cup holder, no back seat. Just a shiny [private part] with two chairs in it. I guess we the balls just draggin’ the f ck along.

Julie Mott (Tea Leoni): I don’t eat flesh.
Marcus: Say what?
Julie: That’s flesh that you’re shoveling into your mouth. You know, that was, like, a living, breathing creature. You know, it probably had a name.
Marcus: It’s just bologna. My bologna has a first name.

Marcus: This is bad. No, let me call it what is. This is messed up!

Marcus: Do you see the emotion on my face? That means this shit is serious! That means me and this not vibin’ right now!

Mike: You know, I’m so sick of this bullshit! Am I supposed to apologize for my family leaving me money? All I ever wanted to do was be a cop. I go out there and take it to the max everyday. I’m the first one there, and the last one to leave, so you know what
Marcus: I love you, man.
Mike: F ck you!
Marcus: I do.
Mike: Shut up, you slow ass driver. You drive like a bitch!
Marcus: Why I gotta be all that? Tell you what, I’ll drive off this fu cki n cliff if you keep f u ckin with me. Then it’ll be two b!tches in the sea. My wife knows I’m no b!tch. I’m a bad boy!

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