Beautiful Girls Quotes

Beautiful Girls Movie Quotes

Paul (Michael Rappaport): She’s not home.
Tommy (Matt Dillon): Where is she?
Paul: Bangin’ that guy.
Tommy: Buddy, she’s sleeping.
Paul: I bet you twenty dollars, Bird, she’s bangin’ that guy.
Kev: Bad bet.
Paul: Bad bet? Why?
Kev: Well, either way you lose. If you win, she’s bangin’ the guy, so you lose. If you lose, you lose twenty bucks. It’s not a smart bet.
Paul: I can’t believe her.
Tommy: Do you really think she’s bangin’ this guy.
Paul: Bird, I know…she’s bangin’ this guy.
Kev: The meat cutter?
Paul: Yes, the meat cutter. What kind of future can she have? This guy, he cuts meat.
Tommy: You plow snow.
Kev: Hey, at least meat, you can eat.

Paul: We need models.
Willie (Timothy Hutton): Models, what do you mean?
Paul: Models, we need models. They’re beautiful, they’re rich, they travel a lot so you don’t have to spend that much time with them. Those idiots that date models, they got it made. My next girlfriend is gonna be a six foot tall model. Definitely. A big one.

Willie: Yeah, my mother’s dead.
Marty (Natalie Portman): I knew it. Your dad’s kind of a sad guy. Your brother’s kind of missing that thing, that thing that having a mom gives you. It’s a lonely house you got, if you don’t mind me sayin’.

Willie: What’s your name?
Marty: Marty.
Willie: As in Martha?
Marty: As in Marty. Named for a grandfather I never even knew, Martin. So, now I’m Marty, just Marty, a girl named Marty which I think is the bane of my existence.

Willie: How old are you?
Marty: Thirteen. But I’m an old soul.

Marty: Willie, I like your ‘burns.

Paul: Look I want you to take this ring.
Jan (Martha Plimpton): I got customers, Paul.
Paul: Jan.
Jan: Paul.
Paul: Jan!
Jan: Paul!
Paul: Take the ring!
Jan: Oh, that’s romantic!
Paul: Well, you already sucked the romance out of this entire thing.
Jan: Look, this is the desperate act of desperate man. Only when faced with losing me, do you decide you want to spend the rest of your life with me.
Paul: So what’s wrong with that, huh? I didn’t like the alternative. That’s how usually one comes to a decision anyway, right?
Jan: Wrong again Paul. One comes to a decision based on what one wants, not based on what one doesn’t want. Got it?

Tommy: Diamonds are supposed to be colorless. You go out and you buy a colored diamond for a girl you’re not even seeing, man. You’ve been eating retard sandwiches again.

Marty: I like to mash snow, it gives me a tremendous sense of self satisfaction.

Marty: If I’m not mistaken, you’ve come back here to the house of loneliness and tears, to Daddy Downer and Brother Bummer, to come to some sort of decision about life…a life decision if you will.

Gina (Rosie O’Donnell): At first, after the breakup, you’ll have these visions. Of you alone, 57, 58, walking around, wearing a nightgown, your hair in a bun, maybe you’re a librarian, heating up a can of soup for one, and worrying about the cobwebs that are growing in your womb.
Friend: Gina!
Gina: But, the visions fade and that’s my point. You will get over him. It will take about two years. You’ll be 29 then, it’d be so much better if you were 24 now so that then you’d be 26, but we don’t choose these things.
Friend: They choose us.
Gina: Exactly.

Gina: The man can’t commit.
Sharon (Mira Sorvino): Why is it that every time a relationship doesn’t work out, we say its cuz they can’t commit. I mean, you know, shouldn’t I take some of the blame here.
Gina: No. That is the grief talking.
Friend: No way is that Sharon Cassidy.
Gina: No, it’s a little grief-stricken girl who looks a lot like Sharon Cassidy.

Paul: See these guys? Husky Pete, Rizzo and Sammy B? They work all day and drink all night for 40 long years. Two weeks out of the year, they take a vacation and go to the Cape. What do they do? They drink all day, they drink all night.
Tommy: Does this little observation of yours contain any thing at all resembling a point?
Paul: If we don’t step it up, if we don’t watch out we’re gonna wind up like Husky Pete and Rizzo and Sammy B.
Kev: Cool.

Stinky: A girl like that is born with a boyfriend.

Gina: If you had an ounce of self-esteem, of self-worth, self-confidence you would realize, as trite as it may sound, beauty is truly skin deep.

Marty: So, gonna marry that girl in New York City?
Willie: I don’t know, why?
Marty: I don’t think you should.
Willie: How come?
Marty: You should wait ’til you’re ready. You should wait ’til you meet someone who excites you.
Willie: Yeah, well you know she may not be out there.
Marty: It’s like the Wizard of Oz, William. The whole time it was right in your own backyard.
Willie: What do you mean?
Marty: You. Me and you.
Willie: Really?
Marty: Yep. You don’t think?
Willie: Well, we have a little age problem.
Marty: I know. We’re as star-crossed as Romeo and Juliet. It’s a tragedy of Elizabethan proportions.
Marty: If your feelings for me are true…you’ll wait.
Willie: Wait?
Marty: Yep. Wait five years. I’ll be 18, we can walk through this world together.
Willie: You know in five years, you won’t even remember me.
Marty: William.
Willie: I’m formed and you’re not and you still have changes to go through. You’ll change, then I’ll be Winnie the Pooh to your Christopher Robin.
Marty: No literary references left uncertain. How do you figure, Pooh?
Willie: Well, Christopher Robin outgrew Pooh. That’s how it ended, he had Pooh as a child and as he matured, he didn’t need him anymore.

Tommy: Can I ask you a question?
Andrea (Uma Thurman): Go ahead.
Tommy: How long have you been going out with your boyfriend?
Andrea: Eight months.
Tommy: And it’s good?
Andrea: It’s very good.
Tommy: He makes you happy?
Andrea: Yeah. I look for that in a man you know. The ones that make me miserable don’t seem to last.
Tommy: Right.
Andrea: You know there’s four words I need to hear before I go to sleep. Four words. “Good night sweet girl.” That’s all it takes. I’m easy, I know, but a guy who can muster up those four words is a guy I want to stay with.

Paul: A beautiful girl is all powerful and that is as good as love gets.

Andera: So why the sad face?
Willie: Job requirement. Happy piano players work the circus.

Willie: You know how it is, the beginnings? When you first fall in love and you can’t eat, you can’t sleep and getting a call from her, it makes your day. It’s like seeing a shooting star.
Andrea: It’s the best.
Willie: Yeah, but, inevitably it goes away. It quiets down. So, this is my thing see, why get married now? Why not have two, three more of those beginning things before I, you know, settle into the big fade?
Andera: The big fade, that’s an awful way to put it.

Willie: I look at you and I think it’s amazing that there’s a guy out there gets to do all kinds of things with you. He gets to make you happy and spend evenings with you…
Andrea: …make me martinis, listen to Van Morrison…
Willie: …smell your skin…
Andrea: …after a day at the beach.
Willie: Yeah, and read the papers…
Andrea: …on a Sunday morning…
Willie: …a rainy Sunday morning, and pepper your belly with baby kisses… Sorry.
Andrea: The thing is, there’s a guy out there thinks the same thing about Tracy and he’s jealous of you, you getting to do all that with her.
Willie: Let me ask you something; can you think of anything better than making love to an attractive stranger, in the middle of a frozen lake, with just an oil light to guide your way? Can you think of anything better?
Andrea: Going back to Chicago. Ice cold martini. Van Morrison.
Willie: Sunday papers. Got ya.

Willie [calling out of an window]: Hey!
Marty: Romeo and Juliet, the dyslexic version.

Paul: So you’re the little neighborhood Lolita.
Marty: So you’re the alcoholic high school buddy shit for brains.

Kev: Willie C! Stay cool! Stay cool forever.

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