Cowboys and Aliens Movie Quotes

Jake Lonergan: “I woke up in the desert like I’d been dropped out of the sky.”

We have one advantage: They underestimate you

If we don’t stop them, there will be no survivors

Ella: “I need to know where you came from.”
Jake Lonergan: “So do I.”

Colonel Dolarhyde: “I want that man. You give him to me now, or I’m gonna take him.”

Only criminals and victims get shot.

You should know what you shot down.

Put your guns on the whore

Aliens want gold too

Nobody calls me Colonel. Them that did are mostly dead.

I’m sorry. But I had no choice. I couldn’t let you leave.

You know who you are. You just have to remember it.

You call her a whore again, it’ll be the last word you ever say.

Demons took your gold. When you get to hell, you can ask for it back.

When his parents died in the Mexican war and you took him in when he was only a boy, that you gave him purpose. Taught him how to take care of himself, even though you were not blood. That you despise battle and killing. And you’re a fierce warrior, worthy of any fight

I didn’t know if I could heal this body. If I would wake up.

if you’re such a great warrior, why do you only have a man a boy to follow you into battle?

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