Empire Record Moive Quotes

Lucas (Rory Cochrane): In the immortal words of the Doors, the time to hesitate is through. submitted by JDWhiskers

Joe (Anthony LaPaglia): What makes you think like that?
Lucas: Who knows where thoughts come from, they just appear. submitted by Michele

A.J. (Johnny Whitworth): Do you think it is possible for someone to be in love with someone else and not even know it?
Lucas: In this life, there are nothing but possibilities.
A.J.: Well, that’s good, because I have to tell Corey that I love her by 1:37.
Lucas: That’s an excellent time.

Debra (Robin Tunney): Hey Lucas, is it true you committed the perfect crime?
Lucas: Not entirely perfect. submitted by Michele

A.J.: What’s with you today, yesterday you were normal and today you are like the Chinese guy from the Karate Kid. What’s with you today?
Lucas: What’s with today, today? submitted by Michele

[Debra has just shaved her head]
Gina (Renee Zellweger): Well “Sinead O’Rebellion.” Shock me, shock me, shock me, with that deviant behavior.
Debra: That is so clever. I swear to God you get smarter the shorter your skirt gets.

Eddie: Hey, Lucas, man! I heard you , like, went to Vegas, and like, married a mobster’s wife, and now you’re, you like got a hit on you and stuff, is that true?
Lucas: Not entirely true.
Eddie: Oh, well, outlaw man, we salute you.
Lucas: Thank you Eddie. submitted by JDWhiskers

Lucas: Mitchell is the man, Joe.
Joe: Yeah, and the man calls all the shots.
Lucas: Damn the man.

Joe: Let me explain it to you. Mitchell’s the man, I’m the idiot, and you’re the screw up; and we’re all losers. Welcome to Music Town.

Debra: No visible tattoos.
Gina: No revealing clothing.
Debra: We’re both screwed. At least you’re used to it.
Gina: Now Debra, don’t be bitter, certainly with your ever growing collection of flesh mutilating silver appendages and your brand new neo-nazi boot camp makeover the boyswill come a-runnin’!

Mark (Ethan Randall): Oh, I’ve decided I’m going to start a band.
Lucas: Really.
Mark: Yeah.
Lucas: The first thing you need is a name. Then you’ll know what kind of band you’ve got.
Mark: Yeah I know, I know. I was kinda thinking about, um, Marc. What do you think of that?
Lucas: Is that with a C or with a K?
Mark: Well my name is with a K, so I was thinking maybe my band’s name could be with a C. So, that way it’s kind of that psychedelic, you know, trip thing.
Lucas: Always play with their minds.

Warren (Brendan Sexton Jr.): Why don’t you shove ’em up your rear?
Lucas: Because it would hurt al ot Warren! submitted by Gabrielle

Warren: Who glued these quarters down?
A.J.: I did.
Warren: What the hell for, man?
A.J.: I don’t feel that I need to explain my art to you, Warren. submitted by JDWhiskers

Lucas: You know, someone like you needs to diminish their criminal impulses, not
magnify them. Maybe some jazz or some classical.
Warren: Maybe you bite me.

Jane (Debi Mazar): Do any of you like Rex Manning’s new record?
[they all laugh]
Warren: Dance Party USA, teeny bopper type shit, right?
Jane: Actually, it tested well among teenage males.
Lucas: Jane, did you compare the percentage of teenage male Rex Manning fans to the incidence of homosexuality amongst teenage males?

Corey (Liv Tyler): I’m not like you with guys. I don’t need to do what you do all the time.
Gina: Oh okay, I see not like me the turbo slut.

Corey: So, is this how your life’s gonna be now, huh? You’re just gonna screw every has-been until your tits fall down and they don’t want you anymore?

Joe: Deb, what are you doing?
Debra: I just wanted to have a little chat with Warren.
Warren: Yeah? Well have a little chat with my gun!
Debra: [into the barrel of Warren’s gun] What do you want Warren?
Debra: Well, you can’t kill me Warren ’cause I’m already dead. And I talked to God, and she says, “Yo, wassup?” and she wants you to lose the gun.
Warren: You are psycho! You are a psycho!!!

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