Identity Theif Movie Quotes

Charlie, if you would please put
that phone down while we eat,
I think that would be
the ladylike thing to do.
One second.
So, charlie,
how are you liking los angeles?
I’d tell you,
aunt brenda,
But i’m really not allowed
to have my own opinions.
She loves it here.
And that reminds me –
your father and i thought –
clay and i discussed this,
And we thought it might be,
oh… fun…
If charlene – charlie –
Could stay with y’all
for the rest of the summer.
What on earth
made you think that?
My parents
hate me right now.
Your parents do not hate you.
charlene Charlie.
They love you very much.
they hate my friends.
They hated the guy i was dating
until he gave up and dumped me.
They spy on me.
What are you doing?
I asked you
to put away the phone,
And i’m not used to asking
that kind of thing twice.
I’m sure brenda and fritz
Don’t use their cellphones
at the table.
She’s right about that,
See, during dinnertime,
we usually…
Well, try to, um…
Try to ignore the outside world
for a few minutes.
Usually we do that.

Diana: Oh hey
Sandy: You’re here five minutes and you’ve already found a friend, huh?
Big Chuck: This must be Walter
Diana: Walter
Big Chuck: Howdy there, I’m Big Chuck. I gotta tell you, this little Margie is quite a lady.
Sandy: Oh, Margie
Sandy: No, no, I can’t. I wish I could.
Big Chuck: Stu’s going to set you up.
Sandy: Never mind, Stu. Honey, gotta get you out of here.
Diana: Here’s the thing: I don’t want to go.
Sandy: But it’s super late and we gotta get all the way to St. Louis tomorrow so
Diana: I think we got a good one.
Sandy: What is that?
Diana: I think we got a good one. Look, I’m going to tell you what’s going on. Walt likes to watch. Walt’s a watcher.
Sandy: No

Diana: How is it that we are getting on that plane.
Sandy: I already have my ticket and I broadcast for yours.
Diana: We are both going to show our Sandy Biggelow Patterson, same birthday.
Diana: Everything at the same time and let the airline have a field day with that
Diana: Yeah that is what I thought

Sandy: That’s not a compliment.
Diana: I know

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