Interview with the Vampire Quotes

Claudia (Kirsten Dunst): Tell me how it came to be, that I am this…thing.

Louis (Brad Pitt): Most of all I longed for death. I know that now. I invited it. A release from the pain of living. My invitation was open to anyone. To the whore at my side, to the pimp that followed. But it was a vampire that accepted.

Claudia: Danger holds you to me!
Louis: Love holds you to me.

Claudia: You…fed on me.
Louis: I took your life. He gave you a new one.

Louis: You see that old woman? That will never happen to you. You will never grow old, and you will never die.
Claudia: And it means something else too, doesn’t it? I shall never ever grow up.

Lestat (Tom Cruise): You are a vampire who never knew what life was until it ran out in a big gush over your lips.

Armand (Antonio Banderas): The world changes, we do not, there lies the irony that finally kills us.

Louis: That morning I was not yet a vampire, and I saw my last sunrise. I remember it completely, and yet I can’t recall any sunrise before it. I watched its whole magnificence for the last time as if it were the first. And then I said farewell to sun light, and set out to become what I became.

Claudia: Goodnight sweet prince and may flights of devils sing you to your rest.

Armand: They had forgotten the first lesson: that we must be powerful, beautiful, and without regret.

Lestat: Evil is a point of view. God kills indiscriminately and so shall we. For no creatures under God are as we are, none so like him as ourselves.

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