Made in Dagenham Movie Quotes

It’s not really their fault. Their parents have invariably never undergone the full rigorous of academic life

Rita…You got heart and…brains

They’re hot pants. They’re Mary Quant’s — Sandra

We’re not playin’ that game…We ain’t your men, remember. We’re us. And we won’t be addressed in this manner –Rita

Cause we’re women, and in the work place women get paid less than men no matter what skill they got! — Rita

but all managements have exploited, year after year: basin’ huge profits on a wage system which is as corrupt as it is unchallenged — Rita

Young man! I was a member of the Trades Union Movement while you were still at your Mother’s breast… –Barbara

I’m askin’ you to strike now for all women, not just machinists, until every one of us gets fairness and is entitled to the same pay
as men!

I got arrested. They put us in a cell. It’s too much for me!

You count, too. Your life…And you gotta
allow it to blossom, just a bit…Or the
war’s gonna destroy two people, Con! And
that would be so wrong.

You don’t have to work. You got an
husband. My missus don’t have to. You do,
‘cause it’s nice.

Sandra…You look amazin’…I mean, yo
are a model. You were doin’ it, in the
They couldn’t get better…You could
though…Now I seen it. You really
could…But it’s up to you in the end.

They’ve hung you out to dry.

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