Megamind Movie Quotes

Roxanne Ritchi: What’s the plan?
Megamind: It mostly involves not dying

Megamind: I’m so tired of running rampant through the streets.

Megamind: I did it! I can’t believe it.
Minion: Us. We both did it.
Megamind: Not us. I. I did it.
Minion: You a little more than me, but still.
Megamind: I a lot more than you.
Minion: So what’s the plan sir?
Megamind: I have no idea!

“my crotch feels like da A-Noose”

Megamind: Where did you park the invisible car…?

Megamind: Bad guys don’t save the day, and they don’t get the gir

Megamind: I’m so tired of running rampant in the streets…

Roxanne Ritchi: I say we go back to the evil lair, grab some ray guns, hold ’em sideways and just go all ‘gangsta’ on him.

Megamind: Let the showdown begin!

Megamind: Let’s stop wasting time and call your boyfriend in tights, all right?

Megamind: Our battles quickly got more elaborate. He would win some, I would ALMOST win others! He took the name: Metro Man, defender of Metro City. I decided to pick something a little more humble: MegaMind, incredibly handsome criminal genius and master of all villainy!

Megamind: All men must choose between two paths. Good is the path of honour, friends and family. Evil… well, it’s just cooler. Hit it!

Megamind:  Look out, we’re gonna crash!

Megamind’s Father:  You are destined for…..

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