Nothing to Lose Movie Quotes

Nick Beam (Tim Robbins): Where do I start? It’s not you. Well actually it is you. Look, I’m just not… I’m not attracted to you anymore. I need space. You kinda… you kinda gross me out. In the beginning it was different. In the beginning you were better. But then I got to know you real well, and I came to realize that you’re a fat idiot.

T-Paul (Martin Lawrence): I’m a student of human nature.
Nick Beam: You’re a freak of human nature.

T: Not bad Nick, not bad – for a cheatin’ bitch.
Nick: Hey! Look don’t you call her that, you don’t know her, don’t call her that.
T: Okay, no disrespect, okay. What should I call her? “Monogamously challenged”?

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  1. Donna Rudin says:

    “I’ve got nothing to lose, I’m sick and old and that makes me a dangerous man.”

    From the documentary, “Brother’s Keeper” said by a neighbor and friend who defends the brother accused of the murder of his older brother. Film was about three reclusive, unmarried brothers shunned by their small community, yet when they come under fire by the ‘big city’ District Attorney, the neighbors and town come to their support and aid.

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