Rabbit Hole Movie Quotes

You’re gonna love him.  He’s a really great guy.  He’s a musician!

I told you not to marry an agent.

I’m sorry.  I can’t stand the god-freaks.  You know that.

And it just starts all over again.  We just have to remind each other  that it was just part of

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Thor Movie Quotes

For the first time in my life, I have no idea what I’m supposed to do…  –Thor

I have no plans to die today… –Thor

You are unworthy of your title, and I’ll take from you your power! In the name of my father, and his father before him, I cast you

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Water for Elephants Movie Quotes

Quotes from the Movie Water for Elephants

Jacob: Who’s the woman who works with the horses?
Camel: That ain’t no woman, that’s the boss’ wife and she don’t talk to nobody and you don’t talk to her.

Jacob: You’re a

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The Addiction Movie Quotes

Kathleen Conklin and Edie are discussing the concept of war criminals.

Kathleen Conklin (Lili Taylor) It was the whole country. They were all guilty. How can you single out one man?

Jean (Edie Falco) Well, you can’t jail a whole country, you know. They needed a scapegoat. He

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Black Swan Movie Quotes

Nina: I just want to be perfect.

How about I dance the Black Swan for you?

Lily: Yes, our new swan queen! You must be so excited. Are you freaking out?

He picked me, mommy! I’m the new swan queen!

I had the craziest dream last night about a girl who has turned

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The Town Movie Quotes

Put this in your but t and I won’t kill you

”I’m proud to be from Charlestown. It ruined my life, literally, but I’m proud.’

I will see you; this side or the other.

You gotta chase the rabbit if you want the tail.

“Making a

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For Colored Girls Movie Quotes

Ordinary, brown-braided woman with big legs and full lips… you become yourself.

Now, how many times have you heard your man say it don’t feel the same? My love is too beautiful to have it thrown back on my face.

Sleeping with all these men, thinking it’s just sex.

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Megamind Movie Quotes

Roxanne Ritchi: What’s the plan?
Megamind: It mostly involves not dying

Megamind: I’m so tired of running rampant through the streets.

Megamind: I did it! I can’t believe it.
Minion: Us. We both did it.
Megamind: Not us. I. I did it.

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Beautiful Girls Quotes

Beautiful Girls Movie Quotes

Paul (Michael Rappaport): She’s not home.
Tommy (Matt Dillon): Where is she?
Paul: Bangin’ that guy.
Tommy: Buddy, she’s sleeping.
Paul: I bet you twenty dollars, Bird, she’s bangin’ that guy.
Kev: Bad

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So I Married an Axe Murderer Quotes

Tony (Anthony LaPaglia): So tell me again, why did you break up with Sherry?
Charlie (Mike Meyers): Tony, I told you already, all right? She’s a thief.
Tony: You don’t honestly believe that?
Charlie: Tony she’s a klepto! All right? Listen, to this day, I still

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