Sixteen Candles Quotes

Geek: This information cannot leave this room. Ok? It would devastate my reputation as a dude.
Samantha: No problem.
Geek: I’ve never bagged a babe. I’m not a stud.

Geek: Do you know how many times a week I go without lunch because some bitch borrows my lunch money?

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About Last Night Quotes

Danny (Rob Lowe): Oh, you’re not leavin’ are ya?

Joan (Elizabeth Perkins): No, uh we’re walking in backwards.

Bernie (Jim Belushi): The broad from last night, huh?

Danny: Oh, yeah I pick up the phone to make a call and she’s on the line.


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Going the Distance Movie Quotes

The 2010 Movie quotes from Going the Distance

I was disappointed because I wasn’t in optimum condition. I needed a fluffer

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The Virginity Hit Quotes

Quotes from the The Virginity Hit Movies

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The Other Guys Movie Quotes

Funny Quotes from the Other Guys

I’m a peacock, you’ve gotta let me FLY!

Ay ay ay if I want to hear you talk I will shove my arm up your a** and work your mouth like a puppet

I was so drunk, I thought a

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Eat Pray Love Movie Quotes

Balance is not letting anyone love you less than you love yourself.”

People start resembling, I used to look like Stevens, now I look like David.

Simin “If you want to control things in your life so bad, work

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Vampires Suck Quotes

“Don’t worry Becca. We are just a normal family. Except that we have no souls and prey on human flesh and have a never ending thirst for blood.

Once you go bat you never go back

I can’t take this crap

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Grown Ups movie Quotes

Funny Quotes from Grown Ups Movie

Lenny: Uh, wasted, kids, is.. Something.. That.. Happens.. When you have a hankering for ice cream.
Andre: Oh, I want to get wasted.
Charlotte: I want to get totally wasted.
Donna: I want to get wasted every single day of my

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Ramona and Beezus Quotes

I hope you are enjoying third grade. You may be here for a while.

We saw your underpants!

Every princess needs a little sparkle.

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Despicable Me Quotes

Despicable Me Movie Quotes

Miniature elephants are adorable even to highly trained Chinese security guards.

Curse you, tiny toilet!

Gru: Your dog has been leaving bombs in my yard.
Fred McDade: Oh you know

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