That Darn Cat Quotes

Lu: How do you know this?
Patti: I guess I just figured it out, like, two seconds ago. submitted by Kristen

Zeke: Excuse me, did I just see you talking to the LOCALS? submitted by Kristen
Zeke: They called him the 24 hour man, because there wasn’t a case he couldn’t solve in 24 hours.
Patti: That’s amazing. How long does it take you?
Zeke: Ahem… so what is the file…submitted by Kristen

Police officer: If you’re an FBI agent, I’m Oprah Winfrey.
Patti: Oh, I love your show! submitted by Kristen

Patti: Look, mom, the bird talks! submitted by Kristen

Patti: Well, mom, your swore. submitted by Kristen

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