That Thing You Do Quotes

That Thing You Do Movie Quotes

Lenny (Steve Zahn) :Besides, we’re not The Wonders right now. We’re Captain Geech and
the Shrimp Shack Shooters. submitted by Jaimie

Mr. White (Tom Hanks) :From now on you’ll just be The Wonders.
Lenny: As in, I wonder what happened to the Oneders? submitted by Jaimie

Guy (Tom Everett Scott): Chrissy Thompson?
Lenny: Wait-who?
Guy: Oh, great polka-dot dress, nursing a beer at the back of the room.
The Bass Player (Ethan Embry): Stayed for both sets.
Lenny: Wait, where was I? Oh yeah, playing songs on my guitar. submitted by Jaimie

Guy: If Jimmy’s a genius, then I’m Utant.
The Bass Player: Who’s Utant?
Guy: He’s the sec… never mind. submitted by Jaimie

Jimmy:…well I guess I’m alone in my principles…
Lenny: There he goes off to his room to write that hit song “alone in my principles”. submitted by Christine and Lauren

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