The Host Movie Quotes

Our memories are still alive, but we?
Some people will not surrender without a fight.
I just do not give me over, but I never fight like him.
But she fights for him, and certainly for the people she loves.
I am not..
With such love you might play with one mind. Hers.
I think someone than doing something they normally would not do.
Maybe because you really care about Jared and the child.
He sees everything. He’s not crazy, but a genius.
And I think he is both.
I ask myself many things.
But I’m not the only one.

Whatever happens, tell him I’m here. Tell him I love him.
I’m afraid. – The point is, Wanda …
I can only dream about Melanie.
I dream about you.
About how I miss everything about her. I would do anything to get her back.
And what makes it even more difficult … It’s still her body.
If it were not those eyes …

I thought …

If I can not kiss her …

I can kiss you.

“One sound and you die

That’s impossible. You’re human.
My name is Jared Howe.
I haven’t spoken to another human being in two years.


I have to go.

You should not decide now.

Think about it.

Promise you think about it..

You’re not leaving me.

I can not stay.

But I love you.

I love you too.

Say it is not like you say goodbye.

I love you in every possible way.

And I’ll miss the most.

I miss the future I might have with you.

I’m guessing you haven’t been kissed in a while either.

so I can kiss you.

I can not really bring another thought?

No, it’s time.

I want to die.

If you would have lived a millennium … in a different body always

you might think the same.

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