The Town Movie Quotes

Put this in your but t and I won’t kill you

”I’m proud to be from Charlestown. It ruined my life, literally, but I’m proud.’

I will see you; this side or the other.

You gotta chase the rabbit if you want the tail.

“Making a change,” either you got heat or you don’t.

If we get jammed up, we’re holding court on the street.

If I feel anything, if I think anything might happen to her… I’m gonna kill both of ya.

We’re giving 30 seconds to surrender Coughlin. Come out with your hands up.

You grew up right here! Same rules that I did.

Claire Keesey: Did you say your name was Jim or Gem?
James Coughlin: Well, huh, it’s kinda both. The teacher’s use to always say, “Here take this one. He’s a gem.”

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