Vampires Suck Quotes

“Don’t worry Becca. We are just a normal family. Except that we have no souls and prey on human flesh and have a never ending thirst for blood.

Once you go bat you never go back

I can’t take this crap anymore!”

Your skin is pale white, you dress fashionably,and you abstain from sex, i know what you are

Bella : jacob Why did you take off your shirt
Jacob : My contract Says, I have to every 10 minutes of screen time

Did someone here order Chinese food

Population 3120
Holy carp, make that 3119

Bella : I think you are trying to buy my affection with that piece of sh!t

No! Jacob’s the best

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10 Responses to Vampires Suck Quotes

  1. dana says:


  2. Yalaana says:

    saddly, the only thing that does keep aging, is your ass, it gets really wrinkly over time 🙁

  3. Yalaana says:

    Ohh a penny! *bends over to pick up penny :O

  4. nathan yats says:

    Its always the same thing, who are you, what do you want, are you a natural redhead? victoria nods. fisherman: thats hot

  5. lauren says:

    Do you know who we are?

  6. tanisha says:

    Laurent- You know who we are don’t you?
    Fisherman Scully- Yes… your the black eyed peas 😀
    James- Why does everybody think we are the black eyed peas?? I mean I get it he( moves arm towards Laurent).. he looks just like will. I. am… and she ( moves arm to Victoria ) she looks just like Fergie but they don’t even have a white guy in their band!!

  7. Vampire Sucks lover says:

    ** kissing** Edward-” That was amazing I never gone to first base before”. Becca
    : “No let’s go all the way” Edward : uh puberty ring. ” Yeah” ” Oh” I’m going to kill u I don’t mind what” Edward: “Oh god” Becca no” ** Edward hits Becca with a lamp** Becca: oh yeah I like it rough”. ** Becca pulls off her night gown and reveals a sexy outfit**. Edward looks at it then he wants to have it with her but then he realizes what he is** Edward: H
    You stay away from me. ** Brcca comes toward him**. No please please don’t come any closer.” “This is for your safety”. ” I’m trying to protect u”

  8. Gabriel says:

    Edward: Just promise me you won’t do anything wreckless!
    Becca: I promise I won’t date Chris Brown
    Edward:*(Driving away with his electric scooter)

  9. HottChick says:

    Btw it’s not laurent in this movie it’s antoine and it’s not a puberty ring it’s a purity ring.

  10. Sin says:

    Becca (Mind)- “About 3 things I was certain about Edward…
    First… Edward was a vampire..
    Second , American Idol was gonna blow without Simon..
    and Third , the next time I see Edward , I’m gonna h*mp the sh*t out of him…”

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