A-Heads (Band)

Wessex Artisans…
A-HEADS (1981-1984)
Mel – vocals
Jock – guitar
Andy/Wally/Bruce (Subhumans) – drums
Nigel (Culture Shock) Lester/Wally – bass

A-HEADS were an early Anarchopunk band from Warminster, England who often supported the towns other local punk heoes the Subhumans. They released numerous singles and tapes on the Subhumans Bluurg label amongst others between the 1982-1984 period and were fronted by the excellent female vocalist, Mel. The A-HEADS had a very English sound, especially Mel’s classical vocal style. They carried on releasing various tapes until 1985 whereupon everything stopped!

Mel from the A-Heads went on to sing for Faction which will soon be covered on this site very soon. Cheers to Sean McGhee (for A-Heads (Mel) Images on this page) and Mitch (4 Minute Warning fanzine) for help with the discography and singles.

In the meantime here’s a brief clipping from the Don’t Care archives that gives us a handy snapshot of the A-Heads.
A-HEADS have a coupling of studio and live demos issued by the increasingly dependable 96 Tapes (remember the Faction outing?) Their simple line-up is forceful without being ear-gratingly harsh on delivering the play in a day punk cliches. Lyrically they avoid the obvious hollow shouts. The live bits are actually live in the studio rather than live on stage. The recordings are culled from three different sessions and several songs are repeated. Send a blank tape with 50p (no cheques or crossed P.O.’s please) to 96 Tapes, 96 Broughton Road, Hackney, London E8. (Sounds News item 1983)

A-HEADS Discography:
February/1982 – ‘Wessex 82’ EP 7″ Their track ‘No Rule’ appeared alongside tracks by the Subhumans, Pagans and Organised Chaos. Bluurg/Fish.

1982 – ‘Dying Man’ EP 7″ on TW Records HIT 107. Tracks are ‘Dying Man’, ‘Hell Cell’ and ‘Changing Places (Never Works)’

1983 – ‘Forgotten Hero’ 7″ EP on Bluurg/Fish. Tracks are ‘Forgotten Hero’, ‘Isolated’ and ‘Love And Pain’.

1983 (Re-Issue) ‘Dying Man’ EP 7″ on TW Records Blurrg/Fish

Tape – ‘Live At Pickwick Studios’ May 1982 (split with Organised Chaos) Bluurg/Fish.

Tape – ’14 Months To Go’ – (Live in Swindon 14/5/82 split with The Subhumans) now available on BBP Tapes. Photos taken from this show included some of Mel’s which were used by The Subhumans on their debut album ‘The Day The Country Died’.

Tape – Demo ‘Vox Populi’ 10 Track Demo Tape recordings from 1983/1984. Released on 96 Tapes October 1984.

Tape – Various ‘Subversive Elements’

CD – Various ‘Anti War’ Overground Records released February 2005

You can hear a lot of the tracks from their discography for yourselves on this handy A-Heads Mp3 site…
www. wessexartisans.co.uk/mp3

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