Douglas MacArthur Biography

1880-1964. When war is inevitable, MacArthur is called back of his retirement by Roosevelt. Being the commander of the South-East Asian army he is responsible of the bad defense of Luzon which allow the Japaneses to progress so quickly. But with his men he resists in the Bataan Peninsula and on the Corregidor island and so become a hero. In March 1942 Roosevelt orders him to leave the island and take refuge in Australia where MacArthur is promoted Supreme commander of the Allied forces in the South Pacific and then he plans to return to the Philippines to fight back the Japaneses while the navy admirals don’t want that. MacArthur also receive the Honor medal for his fight in the Philippines. At the beginning of 1943 MacArthur has already launch his operation to reconquer New-Guinea. In October 1944 after convincing the admirals MacArthur is back in the Philippines entering by Leyte and he takes back Luzon in August 1945. Before that in January MacArthur was promoted to the 5 stars rank and in April he was becoming commander of the US army forces in the Pacific. He readies himself and plans the landing in Japan but the Japaneses capitulate before and September 2nd MacArthur is onboard the Missouri in the Tokyo Bay to receive the official capitulation.

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