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On July 26, 1966 at Arlington, Virginia, a beautiful baby girl was born. Her full name was Sandra Annette Bullock. The mother was Helga Meyer. She was a German opera singer. The father was John Bullock. He was an American voice teacher. Three years later, young Sandy got a little sister. Her name was Gesine.

Young Sandy was raised both in Salzburg, Austria (since her mother worked in Germany) and Arlington, Virginia (since her father worked in America). At the age of eight, she performed on stage for the first time. She played the role of a gypsy child, along with her mother. Then, young Sandy would perform at the children’s choir at her mother’s production. At the age eleven, Sandy got a scar on her forehead (above her right eye) from tumbling into a creek. Since the 6th grade, she set her mind on acting.

When Sandy turned thirteen, they moved to Arlington, Virginia. She attended Washington-Lee High School and joined a cheerleading squad. Sandy graduated from WLHS at 1982. She was voted “The Girl Most Likely to Brighten Your Day.” Sandy (an above average student) later pursued higher learning in East Carolina University in Greenville, North Carolina. There, Sandy majored in Drama. She studied under the instructions of Don Biehn. Here, she performed Chekhov’s Three Sisters.

Sandy was three credits behind from graduating. She moved to New York, to study method acting. She was instructed by Sanford Meisner. She then dishonestly became a bartender and a waitress. Four years after leaving ECU without a degree, Sandy moved to Los Angeles, and got the lead-role for “Working Girl”.

Now, Sandy is one of the BIGGEST movie stars in the world! She’s made many great movies. But, Sandy says, “I really think I shouldn’t be called a superstar.”

“I chose roles that were similar to what was happening in my life.”
–Sandra Bullock

Facts about Sandra Annette Bullock

Birthday: 26th July 1966
Birthplace: Arlington, Virginia
Father: John Bullock, American Voice Coach
Mother: Helga Meyer, German Opera Singer
Sister: Gesine, Law Student
Eyecolor: brown
Hair Color: dark blond
Height 5′ 7,5” (171,5cm)
Weight: 110-160 lbs (50-70kg)
Shoesize: 8 1/2 (42)
Constellation: Lion
Favourite Singer: Tom Jones
Interests: Salsa Dancing, Hiking & the Internet (eMail)
Favourite Food: Kentucky Fried Chicken


FULL NAME: Miss Sandra “Sandy” Annette Bullock.
SCREEN NAME: Sandra Bullock
NICKNAMES: Sandy, Ms. Bullock, Sandra, Sandra Bullock, SB; America’s Sweetheart (doesn’t like being called this), Queen of the Internet, and the Girl Next Door (doesn’t like being called this, either).
INTERESTS/HOBBIES: “Lounge Lizard”: Mr. Tom Jones; Salsa Dancing; The Internet; Renovating her 1920’s home in the Hollywood Hills; and Rock Climbing.
FAVORITE MOVIES (that she wasn’t in): “The Wizard of Oz” and “Cinema Paridiso”.
FAVORITE PERSON TO WORK WITH: Mr. Sylvester Stallone, her co-star in “Demolition Man”.

FAVORITE ACTRESS: Ms. Audrey Hepburn

Education: Washington Lee High School (Voted student most likely to brighten your day) Studied Theater Arts at North Carolina University (Three credits shy of grad) Worked with the playhouse theatre co in New York

First Job : Waitress in New York

First big acting break:  TV Series ‘Working Girl’

Favourite pastimes: Salsa dancing , Rockclimbing, Repainting her house

Hates: Negative attitudes, Gossip and photo shoots and watching herself on film

Trivia: Sandra actually got her bus drivers licence while she was making ‘Speed’ and drove a bus to the Letterman show on her appearance in 1993

Sandra Bullock Movies list as Actress

Film/T.V Year Character
Kate and Leopold 1998 unknown
Practical Magic 1998 unknown
Prince of Egypt 1998 unknown
Speed 2 : Cruise Control 1997 Annie Porter
Hope Floats 1997 unknown
Making Sandwiches 1997 Melba Club
A Time To Kill 1996 Ellen Roark
Two If By Sea 1996 Roz
In Love and War 1996 Agnes von Kurowsky
The Net 1995 Angela Bennett
While You Were Sleeping 1995 Lucy Eleanor Moderatz
Speed 1994 Annie Porter
Demolition Man 1993 Lenina Huxley
The Vanishing 1993 Diane Shaver
Fire on the Amazon 1993 unknown
The Thing Called Love 1993 Linda Lue Linden
Wrestling Ernest Hemingway 1993 Elaine
When the Party’s Over 1992 Amanda
Who Do I Gotta Kill? 1992 Lori
Love Potion No. 9 1991 Diane Farrow
Jackie Collins’ Lucky/Chances (T.V) 1990 Maria
Working Girl (T.V) 1990 Tess McGill
Who Shot Patakango 1990 Devlin Moran
The Preppie Murder (T.V) 1989 Stacy
Bionic Showdown : The Six Million Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman (T.V) 1989 Kate
Religion Inc. 1989 Debby
Hangmen 1987 Lisa Edwards

Sandra Bullock Quotes

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