Sasha Cohen Biography

Birth Date 10/26/1984
Place of birth Westwood, California
Height 5’0″

Home Club Orange County Figure Skating Club

Training Town Costa Mesa, California

Coaches John Nicks, Yvonne Nicks, Roger Bass

Choreographer John Nicks

Jump Triple Toe Loop
Actor Ryan Phillippe
Spin Combination Spin
Actress Audrey Hepburn
Movie My Fair Lady
TV Show Friends
Book Harry Potter
School Subject History
Song I will Survive
Color Red
Ice Cream Coffee
Food Ice Cream
Pastimes Water skiing and being with friends

Sasha’s mother, Galina, was a gymnast and ballet dancer while she was growing up in Odessa in the Ukraine. Galina’s father, Lev, was a gymnast who once performed for Stalin. Lev, a Russian Jew, was an engineering professor, but Galina says she never realized she grew up in a restrictive society. “We just accepted life,” Galina said. When she was 16, Galina’s family came to San Diego. Galina met and married Roger Cohen while she was attending San Diego State. Roger is a lawyer specializing in Internet start-up companies. Because Sasha’s mother is from Russia, Sasha can understand Russian. Sasha never learned to speak Russian because her father is American. At age five, Sasha began gymnastics. She reached level 5. Sasha began figure skating at age 7 1/2. It began simply enough with group, public skating sessions once a week. Many skaters begin when they’re younger, at around age 4 or 5. That couple of years can make a big difference. It meant that she had to catch up. Sasha began training seriously in figure skating at age 10. Sasha didn’t start out to be a competitive skater, but she was born a competitive person. Sasha’s skating developed rapidly. In 1997, she made the decision to leap into the world of big-time figure skating by joining coach John Nicks, a native of England who has been coaching top U.S. competitors since the early 1960s. That’s when Sasha started getting very serious and began realizing what she was going to have to sacrifice in order to be a good skater. Driven Sasha must be. Her schedule: Mondays she has three skating sessions at the Ice Chalet in Costa Mesa from 8:40 a.m. to 1:20 p.m. There is a break for lunch before the third skating session, then two hours of ballet lessons before dinner, homework and bed. Tuesdays she has three skating sessions, lunch, and an hour of stretching before homework. Wednesdays she has three skating sessions and 5 1/2 hours of tutoring at Futures High School, a private institution in Mission Viejo. Sasha talks to teachers, turns in assignments, gets more work. Sasha no longer attends regular school, but is taught one-on-one by tutors. Thursdays there are three more skating sessions and her Pilates training. On Fridays she has three skating sessions and more ballet training. And weekends? Usually, she takes them off . . . except for the ones she spends training in Lake Arrowhead. Hers is a schedule that no parent or coach could force a teenager to keep. Sasha wants it. Says Sasha, “Most of my friends are skaters, but I do have old friends who don’t skate. It’s hard to keep in touch. To be a really good skater, you have to work hard and you really have to love it.” The work has paid off. She finished second in the juniors competition at the U.S. nationals in 1999. Cohen since has won two other events in the 1999-2000 season. John Nicks, however, believes to duplicate that success on the seniors level, Cohen will need to improve on those all-important jumps. Cohen’s efforts to reach those heights were complicated when she missed time from training with an injury to the growth plate in her right heel. She appeared healthy heading into the 2000 nationals. At the 2000 Nationals, Sasha delivered a brilliant performance in the short program, winning first place. In the long program, she fell on one jump and received second place, winning a silver medal at her first senior National championships. At the 2000 Junior World Championships, Sasha had difficulties and placed 6th. In the summer of 2000, Sasha performed in some of the stops of the Champions on Ice tour. In the 2000-2001 Season, Sasha will compete in two grand prix events. Hopefully, Sasha will be able to perform consistently at her best level and improve further in the years to come. Sasha has already achieved for herself a place as one of America’s leading figure skating stars.

The 2001-2002 Season
2002 U.S. National Championships
2001 Trophy Lalique
2001 Skate America
2001 Finlandia
2001 Goodwill Games
The 2000-2001 Season
2000 Cup of Russia
2000 Sparkassen Cup
1999 Keri Lotion Figure Skating Classic (Team)
The 1999-2000 Season
2000 Junior World Championships
2000 U.S. Championships Senior
2000 Pacific Coast Sectionals
1999 Junior Grand Prix – Sweden
1999 Keri Lotion Figure Skating Classic (Team)
The 1998-1999 Season
1999 Gardena Winter Trophy
1999 U.S. Championships Junior
1999 Pacific Coast Junior
1999 Southwest Pacific Junior
The 1997-1998 Season
1998 U.S. Championships Novice
1998 Pacific Coast Novice
1998 Southwest Pacific Novice
The 1996-1997 Season
1997 Junior Olympics Intermediate
1997 Pacific Coast Intermediate
1997 Southwest Pacific Intermediate
The 1995-1996 Season
1996 Southwest Pacific Juvenile
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