Back & Front Door Quotes

~Back and Front Door~

A warm country welcome…

All who enter are Toadally Welcome

(I saw this on a door hanger with a frog painted on it)


Although our house is quite a mess,

come in, relax, converse.

It doesn’t always look like this,

sometimes it’s even worse.


Back door guests are best !!!

Be a sweetie…Wipe your feetie !!

Bless all who enter here..

Bless this house as much as possible !

Clean off a chair and sit down.

Come…sit a spell …

Don’t leave angry….just leave !!!

Enter with a happy heart…


Everyone who enters this house bring happiness.

Some by coming in and some by going out.


Friends Welcome…Relatives By Appointment

Good Morning Sunshine !!!


If you come to see me…Welcome !

If you come to see my house…make an appointment !!

(this was sent in by a visitor to my site…she has it hanging at her front door)


I’ll be right there…hold on !!

Just Gone…


Martha Stewart doesn’t live here….

And that’s a good thing !!


NEW !!

My house was clean yesterday…sorry you missed it !

Please don’t mistake my endurance for hospitality!!!!

Please use Udder Door !!

(seen on a wooden sign cut-out with shape of a cow)

Stocking Feet Please !!!

This mess……is a place…!!


Welcome !! Come in converse…

My house doesn’t always look like this,

sometimes it’s worse !


Welcome Country Friends


Love, Laughter and Friendship

are always welcome here…!!


Whether you come in to visit

or just to rest

when you enter our home

may you be blessed.


Wipe your Paws !

Ya’ll come back now, ya hear??

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