Freckles Quotes

Some quotes about freckles

A face without freckles is like a night without stars.

An angel without freckles is like the heavens without stars.


Are they really angel kisses ?

I’m not quite satisfied.

But I will just keep quiet

And let my brother have his pride.


Cooperation can solve many problems,

even freckles would make

a nice tan if they got together !!


Freckles and Stripes

Freckles and stripes, speckles and spots.

The nicest of creatures love polka dots.

Look at the leopard, the ladybug too, and

any zebra you see in the zoo.

The dappled giraffe stands on delicate legs.

And thrushes and swallows lay speckled eggs.

Nature is fondest of stripes, spots and speckles

and that is the reason I don’t mind my freckles.


Freckles are angel kisses from God.

Freckles are fairy’s kisses.

Freckles are spots where the angels have kissed you.

Freckles are sun kisses.

These aren’t freckles…they’re a bunch of teeny, tiny, little tans.

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