Hug Quotes – Quotes about Hugs

A friend hugs your heart.

A hug a day keeps the meanies away.


A HUG………



A hug delights and warms and charms,

that must be why God gave up arms.


A hug is a great gift !

One size fits all and

it is easy to return !

Arms are for hugging !!


Awaken only for emergency hugs…


Bear hugs and Back rubs welcomed.


Free Hugs !!!

One size fits all…!!!!

Happiness is an unexpected hug.
Home is where the hugs are…!!!
Home is where the hug is.

Hugs are free to give

yet priceless to receive.


Hugs are like a mug of hot chocolate.


Hug Department

Always Open !!!


HUG is only a 3 letter word,

but it only takes 2 to make a hug.

Hugs: they are to squeeze the pain out of you !


Hug O’ War

I will not play at tug o’ war,

I’d rather play at hug o’ war.

Where everyone hugs instead of tugs.

Where everyone giggles and rolls on the rug.

Where everyone kisses,

and everyone grins, and everyone cuddles,

and everyone wins !

(Shel Silverstein)



Special Today !!

Give one…..get one free !!


The best things in life are unseen.

That’s why we close our eyes when we kiss, hug and dream.


The funny thing about hugs is….

you never run out.

You give one,

and straight away,

you get it right back!

You fill our days with hugs and kisses.

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  1. brittany says:

    when im sad i wish u were here to cheer me up and be there wen i need sum1 to talk to ):

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