Internet Quotes

Famous Quotes about the Internet

“I see ads saying that I can “GET PAID to Surf the Web !”. Let’s see… I’m at work checking out my favorite porn sites right now. Hey, I’m already getting paid to surf the web ” — Bill Ervin Tigard

“Looking at the 2001 Google Zeitgeist, I see disturbing trends Top women searches: Britney Spears, Pamela Anderson, Jennifer Lopez, Madonna & Aaliyah. And top men searches: Nostradamus, Bin Laden, Enimen, Michael Jackson & Howard Stern ” — Jonr

“Of course, the best way to get accurate information on Usenet is to post something wrong and wait for corrections” — Unknown

“Once you’ve googled every single guy whose last name you remember that you slept with, the internet sorta becomes a useless tool” — Unknown

The Internet is like a vault with a screen door on the back. I don’t need jackhammers and atom bomb to get in when I can walk through the door

“The web is a dominatrix. Every where I turn, I see little buttons ordering me to Submit” — Nytwind

I read on the Internet that I was dead. Fiona Apple

When I took office, only high energy physicists had ever heard of what is called the Worldwide Web…. Now even my cat has its own page.” President Clinton

On the Internet, Nobody Knows You’re a Dog.” Peter Steiner

The Internet feeds off the main press, and the main press feeds off the Internet. They’re working in tandem. Matt Drudge

On the Internet, some people find love at first byte.

The future is electronic. It’s radio, television and the Internet; it’s not really newspapers anymore. Will McDonough

My favorite thing about the Internet is that you get to go into the private world of real creeps without having to smell them. Penn Jillette

We cannot wait for governments to do it all. Globalization operates on Internet time. Governments tend to be slow moving by nature, because they have to build political support for every step. Kofi Annan

You can’t trust the internet. Nicolette Sheridan

The Internet works because a lot of people cooperate to do things together. Jon Postel

The Internet is so big, so powerful and pointless that for some people it is a complete substitute for life

“In case you haven’t heard, the Internet is not a superhighway.” Bill Washburn

There is so much media now with the Internet and people, and so easy and so cheap to start a newspaper or start a magazine, thereā€™s just millions of voices and people want to be heard. Rupert Murdoch

Angela has no friends or neighbors who can identify her, because for four years she has lived entirely on the Internet.

If it’s on the Internet, then it’s gotta be true. Ken Jennings

It would probably break my heart to hear that people didn’t like me. I don’t look on the Internet. Elisabeth Rohm

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