Memories Quotes

A memory lasts forever,

and never does it die.

True friends stay together

and never say goodbye.

I always knew that I would look back

and laugh at the times I cried,

but I never thought I would cry

at the times I laughed.

If tears could build a stairway,

and memories a lane,

I’d walk right up to heaven

and bring you back again.

(sent in by a visitor to this site–this was a quote from her father’s tombstone)

Just as time passes, so do memories pass as well,

but those who stirred our spirits

sing in our hearts forever.

Memories are good,

as long as we keep them in

the rearview mirror and keep moving.

Memories are like a patchwork quilt….

each section is sewn together,

to be wrapped around us

for comfort and warmth

in the years to come.


A thousand words won’t bring you back,

I know because I’ve tried;

A thousand tears won’t bring you back,

I know because I’ve cried.

They say memories are golden,

Well maybe this is true.

But I never wanted memories,

I only wanted you.

Treasures of childhood,

memories of old,

placed in a box

for stories yet told.

(This little saying was sent in by a visitor who paints

this on her hand painted gift boxes)

Memories are like keepsakes…always to be treasured.

Memories are stitched in love.

Memories sleep in deep waters

to be awakened

by the children of tomorrow.

Memories start at the heart

and live in it forever.

On the farm long ago…

All my fondest memories did grow.

(this was seen on a sampler embroidered with a barn, fence and a windmill)

Our most treasured family heirloom

are our sweet family memories.

Photos may give insight into our lives,

but memories of those times

is what keeps them alive.

Photos may remind us of times gone by,

but the best ones are not on film,

but deep in our hearts,

and in our memories

they shall forever hide.

Recall it as often as you wish,

a happy memory never wears out.

Today’s happy together times,

are tomorrow’s warm with memory times.

We may not remember days

but we do remember moments.

When someone you love becomes a memory,

the memory becomes a treasure.

In memory of Makenzie Beth Morrow

July 3, 1998-May 19, 2005

(this saying was sent to me by Makenzie’s Grandmother –Makenzie

died in an automobile accident)

You never know when you are making a memory.


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2 Responses to Memories Quotes

  1. zereena mae garfin says:

    …ang isang tao kapag my masamang ugali babalik at babalik za kenya iyon

  2. camille velasco says:

    Its hard to tell your mind to stop loving someone if your heart still does..

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