Problem Quotes

All problems have a beginning and an end!

Approach problems as challenges.

Count your blessings…not your problems.

Don’t give me problems, give me solutions.

Everything starts small and becomes big…

but a problem it starts big and becomes smaller.
Hang your troubles out to dry.
Problems are like opinions,

everyone has more than one

and they continue to effect

other people’s feelings too.
Problems call forth our courage and our wisdom,

indeed they create our courage and our wisdom.

It is only because of problems that we grow.

It is for this reason that wise people learn

not to dread but actually welcome problems

(by M. Scott Peck from “The Road Less Traveled”)
Problems will follow you…

There may be just a few.

If you don’t try to tend to them…

Your tomorrow won’t look so dim.
The biggest problem we have is ourselves.
The harder you fall,

the higher you bounce !!
There are no such things as problems, only opportunities.

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  1. Michael Wakoski says:

    Remember, The only difference between a Hero and a Zero is one letter

  2. Suleman Iddrisu says:

    we asked quetions for unusual things

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