Quotes on Mercy

Yea, like as a father pitieth his own children, even so is the Lord merciful unto them that fear him. – Book of Common Prayer

His mercy endureth for ever. – Book of Common Prayer

Mercy should make us ashamed, wrath afraid to sin. – William Gurnall

In case of doubt it is best to lean to the side of mercy. – Legal Maxim

The corn that makes the holy bread
By which the soul of man is fed,
The holy bread, the food unpriced,
Thy everlasting mercy, Christ. – John Masefield

Heaven have mercy on us all- Presbyterians and Pagans alike- for we are all somehow dreadfully cracked about the head, and sadly need mending. – Herman Melville

Teach me to feel another’s woe,
To hide the fault I see;
That mercy I to others show,
That mercy show to me.
– Alexander Pope, The Universal Prayer

Sweet mercy is nobility’s true badge. – William Shakespeare

A second-century rabbi said that if 999 angels gave a bad account of a man and one angel reported favorably, God would hear the one angel, even if 999 parts of that one angel’s report were unfavorable. God would hearken to the favorable part. – Israel Shenker

Though He cause grief, yet will He have compassion. – Lam. 3:32

Ye fearful saints fresh courage take,
The clouds you so much dread
Are big with mercy and shall break,
With blessings on your head.
– William Cowper, Light Shining out of Darkness

God tempers the cold to the shorn lamb. – Henri Estienne

The vessels of mercy are first seasoned with affliction, and then the wine of glory is poured in. Thus we see afflictions are but beneficial to the saints. – Thomas Watson

We hand folks over to God’s mercy, and show none ourselves. – George Eliot

The wild God of the world is sometimes merciful to those
That ask mercy, not often to the arrogant. – Hurt Hawks

Who will not mercy unto others show,
How can he mercy ever hope to have. – Edmund Spenser

– Now you know that God is all the time looking for you, till the end of your life.
– It is terrible, whispered the small man. … There is nothing more horrible for a man, who is not willing to accept mercy. – Mika Waltari, Finnish writer

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