Remembrance Quotes

Ever Remembered…Ever Loved.
If I had a flower for every time I think of you…

I would walk forever in my garden.
It takes a minute to like someone

an hour to have a crush on someone

and a day to love someone,

but it takes a lifetime

to forget someone.

Remember me with smiles and laughter

for that is how I will remember you.

If you can only remember me with tears and sorrow,

don’t remember me at all.

(originally comes from the TV show “Little House on the Prairie–also

these words were spoken at the funeral of Michael Landon)
That each sorrow has it’s purpose

By the sorrowing oft unguessed,

But as sure as the sun brings mourning

Whatever is-is best.

(Ella Wheller Wilcox)
We hold you close within our hearts

and there you will remain,

to walk with us outside our lives

until we meet again.

in memory of her friend Sarah who was killed
When this you see…Remember Me.

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