Vampire Quotes

Vampire Quotes

“Dude you scare me sometimes! You’re all vampire superwoman” — Melissa de la Cruz

The reason why they look like humans…is so that they can hunt us down more efficiently.. Vampire Knight

“The blood is the life!” Bram Stoker

To the jaded eye, all vampires seem alike, but they are wonderful in their versatility. Some come to life in moonlight, others are killed by the sun, some pierce with their eyes, others with fangs, some are reactionary, others are rebels, but all are disturbingly close to the mortals they prey on. I can think of no other monsters who are so receptive. Vampires are neither in =human nor nonhuman nor all-too-human, they are simply more alive than they should be.” Nina Auerbach

I am actually older than your Jesus. I would have liked to have met him, but I missed it. Gordic (True Blood)

“Handsome vampires are addictive” Vianka Van Bokkem

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