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I do not think we have lost out fear of fate, although we mock it; for if the modern individual were so truly enlightened beyond this ‘paganish’ concept, he would not surreptitiously read astrology columns in the newspaper, nor evidence the compulsion to ridicule whenever possible the spokesmen of fate. Nor would he be so fascinated by prophecy, which is fate’s handmaiden.

I have found that fate is as liquid and elusive a word as love. Plato thought they were the same; and it is worth noting in passing that in Old Norse, the word for the fates is identical with the word for the sexual organs. Novalis wrote that fate and soul are two names for the same principle.

It is this feeling of powerlessness which seems to pervade any encounter with Pluto … Either the partner imposes a fate about which the individual can do nothing, or the individual himself is made in a certain way and cannot, however hard he tries, alter his needs or patterns in relationship.

I would say that what the Greeks knew as the Erinyes, the retributive face of Moira, we would call Pluto. … Pluto is particularly difficult to work with unless one has some trust in fate; but how one can trust it, unless one has spent time in despair, darkness, rage and powerlessness, and has found out what supports life when the ego can no longer make its accustomed choices?

These tenth and fourth house planets cannot be escaped any more than can the sun and moon. They are truly fate…

In many instances Saturn seems to correspond with painful circumstances which appear not to be connected with any weakness or flaw on the part of the person himself but which merely “happen”, thereby earning the planet the title, “Lord of Karma”.

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