Bald Quotes Sayings

Some interesting sayings and quotes about baldness and hair loss

Bald in front? You’re sexy!
Bald in back? You’re a thinker!
Bald all over? You think you’re sexy!!




Better a bald head than no head at all

God is good….God is fair
To some he gave brains,
to others….hair !!!


God made a few perfect heads…on the others he put hair !!

Gray hair is a blessing…ask any bald man.


For every hair lost from the head….
Two will appear on your (bum/back/ears. etc) instead !!


Hair today….is gone tomorrow !


I’m not bald, I’m follically impaired!


I’m not bald, my head is too big for my hair.


I’m not getting balder,
I’m just getting more head !


I’m not really bald,
I’ve just grown to tall for my hair!

This is not a bald spot….it’s a solar panel for brain power !

“Experience is a comb which nature gives to men when they are bald”

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2 Responses to Bald Quotes Sayings

  1. Jesse says:

    Bald People Don’t Have Bad Hair Days

  2. KeeblerElf says:

    the reason i am growing bald is because of too many u-turns under the sheets!

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