Firefighters Quotes

All men are created equal…

then a few become firemen.
And on the eighth day GOD made firefighters…..

Bustin’ ours…savin’ yours.

Firefighters do it with their hoses !

Firefighters…save hearts and homes !!

Where your worst nightmare is just another day at the office.
Firemen are HOT stuff !!
Follow your dream…

unless it is one where you’re at work

in your underwear during a fire drill !
Happiness is sliding up and down a fireman’s pole !
Hug a firefighter,

feel warm all over !!
I fight what you fear.
If you think it’s tough being a Firefighter….

try being a Firefighter’s wife !!
Little fire…little hose.

Big fire….big hose.
Put the wet stuff….on the HOT STUFF !!

Ready, Willing and Able.
What you call a hero…

I call just doing my job !!
When your warning lights begin to melt,

it’s a sign you’re parked too close.

(Alan Brunacini-Phoenix, Arizona Fire Dept.)
Where there’s smoke, there’s fire !!

911 is to save your life….not to kiss your *** !!

You light ’em…..we fight ’em !


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10 Responses to Firefighters Quotes

  1. Holly Zimmerman says:

    Firemen never die, they just burn forever in the hearts of the people whose lives they saved…

  2. Holly Zimmerman says:

    I’ve seen and met angels wearing the disquise of ordinary people living ordinary lives.

  3. MEB says:

    playing with fire will get you burned, playing with a firefighter will get you wet. 🙂

  4. dvfd720 says:

    find em hot,leave em wet

  5. teddy says:

    we call getting wet are job

  6. AL says:

    First In …
    Last Out …

  7. Fireman 2348 says:

    Volunteer firefighters are better than paid firefighters we do what they do for free

  8. FiremansGirl4 says:

    “Some people go for rides on a Big Red Tractor, I go for rides on a Big Red Truck” –My Boyfriend 🙂

  9. Haleigh Pelham says:

    You think it’s hard being a firefighter?
    Try being a firefighter’s daughter!

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