Funny Divorce Quotes

Breaking up is like underwear.

You feel better after the creep is gone.


Ex-wife For Sale…

Just take over payments !!


I divorced my husband for religious reasons…

He thought he was God…I didn’t !


Is alimony the high cost of leaving ?


I’m an excellent housekeeper.

Every time I get a divorce,

I keep the house. (Zsa Zsa Gabor)


Love is grand. Divorce is a hundred grand.


My husband and I divorced for religious reasons…

He thought he was God,

I didn’t !

My next husband will be normal


25% or men kiss their wife good-bye

when they leave their house.

99% of men kiss their house good-bye

when they leave their wife !!

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3 Responses to Funny Divorce Quotes

  1. Carrie Johnson says:

    Our marriage was going great until he caught the neighbor seeking out.

  2. Lauren Wilson says:

    Ex husband for sale…

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