Princess Sayings Quotes

Being a princess is a full-time job, but someone has to do it.
‘Cuz I’m the Princess….that’s why !!


Don’t call me GODDESS,

Don’t call me QUEEN,

just call me

the cutest PRINCESS

you’ve ever seen.


‘Cuz I’m the Princess….that’s why !!

I am a princess and I’m the worlds’ finest.

So get on your knees, bow to me

and call me

” Your Highness “.


I’m a Princess….that’s why !!


I’m a Princess….

a Princess in training.


I’m a Princess

but I am in training to be a Goddess…!!


It’s not easy being a princess.
It’s not easy being a princess, but someone has got to do it!



P = pretty

R = right all the time

I = irresistible

N = nice

C = charming

E = elegant

S = sassy

S =sweet
Princess of today…Goddess of tomorrow.
Princess today, Goddess tomorrow.
What part of Princess….don’t you understand ?


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3 Responses to Princess Sayings Quotes

  1. princess velayo says:

    being a princess is not easy…
    being a commoner is not easy either…
    but i am a princess and still i describe my job as easy…
    because being a princess is fun!

  2. Lee Mee says:

    i was born to be love not to be hurt

  3. princess aileen says:

    princess ako wlang angal po ….

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