Following your path Quotes

Following your path
Fate has to do with the end result not with the way leading to it. What is important is the completion of the learning process, not the amount of suffering that a person burdens himself with en route by continually refusing to learn. – Thorwald Dethlefsen

The path of a human life should lead to completeness … We move towards completeness when we add that which is still missing, when we integrate the as yet unknown. Thus, in accordance with the laws, a human being is always confronted by fate with those principles which he has hitherto not realised, those which have remained alien to him, those which are still missing from his experience. – Thorwald Dethlefsen

The way to freedom is through the accomplishment of the law of fate. … Crowley writes: “every human being should be like a star and follow his own path”. A star is free so long as it follows its trajectory. The loss of freedom only begins with departure from the path.

A person must begin by being still and listening in order to become aware of his path, but after that he must actively follow it. Such activity arises from trust, not from the egomania of “I will, I do”. A human being attains his highest freedom when he can speak the words: “Lord, not my will, but Thy will be done”. – Thorwald Dethlefsen

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