Hope Springs Movie Quotes

This is for The people holding hands And this is for the ones With broken hearts
What I’m trying to explain
Is in our lives
there?! come a day
When we’ll find those feelings Lost in the dark
Thank you.
The losin’, the tryin’
It’s that crazy little thing
That we call love
And when it comes to you
If l had to tell the truth
About the mixed-up thoughts
My mind’s been thinkin’ of
It’s like the sunshine
I’m making prime rib for our…
You bring me pleasure
And you bring me pain
All right.
Ain’t love somethin’
Think you can
change your marriage?
Change your marriage’?
What do you mean?
Like you mostly eat in on
Fridays and then you eat out?
Or that you’re at
each other’s throats
and suddenly you’re Cinderella
and Prince Charming.
The second one.
No. No.
You married who you marry,
you are who you are.
Why would that change?
Well, if you wanted it to.
No, I think for that to happen,
it would have to be so bad
that somebody was willing to risk
everything just to shake things up
and then it may not
come down your way
No, change is hard.
Marriages don’t change.

I want to be your lady I want to get swept away Let me cry for a change
Don’t need no lone survivor
I need someone by my side
We don’t have
to make it perfect
Oh, but maybe we could try
Love me for the woman
that I am
And I will love you
For being my man

after 32 years of marriage, I can honestly say that I love you more than I ever did. The day I met you changed my life. It made my life. And now I can’t imagine living my life without you. It wouldn’t be any kind of life at all. When I think about spending
the rest of my life with you, I only regret it won’t be long enough. So I want to now make this next chapter of our lives together
something that we’ll both cherish. I vow to watch more golf with you without complaining. I vow to watch less golf, and to buy you good presents that aren’t for the house. Maybe like jewelry. Like jewelry. Jewelry. Yes. I vow not to cut my hair any shorter than it is, ’cause I know you like it long. Longer. I vow not to complain so much. If I can help it, because sometimes there’s something that really needs to be complained about. And I vow to go to one of those sleep studies like you’ve been asking me to go to. And I vow to take you somewhere once a year that’s more than 200 miles away from home

Now, on this wonderful day, I give you the rest of my life and I thank God every day that you’re in it. And I vow to tell you how I feel, not just when you ask me. And I’ll tell you how I feel about this.  I love it. I love you.

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